What lecture capture solutions are available for your face-to-face, hybrid, or distance classroom?

Whether you need to record classroom lectures, a few minutes of test review, or broadcast a live guest speaker, we have lecture capture solutions to meet your instructional needs. Or, maybe you are interested in flipping your classroom, where students view short video lectures before class – leaving you more class time for active learning and student engagement. We are pleased to share that ECU now offers over 40 Mediasite classrooms and 17 Tegrity classrooms! Using lecture capture, you can record your desktop activity, audio and instructor camera. Students benefit by having the ability to view and review content as needed.

Mediasite (Hardware Lecture Capture Solution)

To get started with Mediasite, contact the Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) for your Academic Unit. Your ITC can add your class to Mediasite and schedule automatic recordings each time your face-to-face class meets. Your ITC can also show you how to use the microphones and equipment in the rooms and show you what information is captured by Mediasite. To find the ITC for your Academic Unit, please visit the Instructional Technology Consultant faculty resource page. To locate Mediasite rooms on campus, visit the Technology-Enhanced Classroom database and search for Lecture Capture (Hardware) rooms.

Tegrity Pilot (Software Lecture Capture Solution)
Tegrity is integrated with Blackboard and offers a simple upload and sharing process. Simply record your computer’s desktop activity from any location, whether it’s your classroom, office, or home and make the recording available to your students through Blackboard. Students access recordings on any computer with an Internet connection, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Using Tegrity, you can even turn on Student Recording for your students to create presentations. To locate Tegrity rooms on campus, visit the Technology-Enhanced Classroom database and search for Lecture Capture (Software) rooms. Visit the Tegrity blog to learn more about the pilot and how you can get started using Tegrity in your hybrid or distance education courses.