Technology-Enhanced Classroom Feedback

ECU Faculty and Staff: In September 2012, we distributed a three question survey to collect your feedback about technology-enhanced classrooms, Blackboard, and wireless access for students.  Now it’s time to share the feedback we received, beginning with a summary of the responses for technology-enhanced classrooms. Expect to hear more about Blackboard and wireless access for students in a separate email.

 When asked “which classroom device do you use the most”, the most common answers included computer, projector and document camera.  According to survey results, these technologies are used to present PowerPoint presentations, websites, demonstrate software, show video content, and more.  The document camera provides the ability to display hard copy documents, images, or even small parts, as well as magnify the content for the audience. Additionally, displaying content with the document camera can eliminate the need to distribute paper copies.

 When asked ”are there additional technologies you would like to see integrated into ECU’s technology-enhanced classrooms and spaces”, we received a wide range of responses such as an increase in the number of requests for Mediasite rooms, access to Apple TV and wireless printing capabilities for students.  Here are some ways that we are already working to meet your Classroom Technology needs: 

  • Tegrity lecture capture software is now available in 17 classrooms located on both east campus and the Health Sciences Campus.
  • We addressed all technical issues associated with specific rooms mentioned in the survey.
  • The PiratePrint pilot is now available in the Austin building with plans to expand to additional campus locations.  This service enables students to print from their personal computers directly to the print kiosk in Austin.
  •  Approximately 40 rooms are scheduled for new technology or a refresh in the next year based on College Requests, age and average usage. As classrooms are refreshed, new Classroom Technology Standards will include the following:
    • Desktop computer with DVD drive, for ease of use and reliability
    • VGA and DVI Laptop connections
    • Document camera
    • Ceiling-mounted projectors and screens
    • Touch-screen control panel to simplify operation
    • Annotation device for writing on presentation material with digital ink and the ability to save annotations.
    • Revolabs wireless microphone for speech reinforcement in rooms with student seating exceeding 45 chairs

For those that inquired about using Apple TV in the classroom, Apple does not currently offer an enterprise level solution for deploying Apple TV on our network.  We will keep you informed of any developments.

 If you have any specific classroom technology requests, please contact us at