Campus Licensing for Turning Technologies: Ready for Start of Fall Semester

Last week, we announced that ECU will begin providing all students with Turning Technologies account licenses, at no additional cost, beginning this fall. Following is additional information to answer several questions about licensing we have received along with information on Turning Technologies features.

Questions About Campus Licensing

Q: How will students obtain their free license?
A: Licenses will be automatically distributed when students register their clicker or mobile device in Blackboard.

Q: Is there still a cost for a physical clicker?
A: Yes. Students required to use a physical clicker must still purchase a clicker or use an existing one. Cost for a new clicker from the Dowdy Student Stores is $28.00, which is less than half the previous cost.

Q: Is there a cost for the mobile app?
A: No. To use an Android or iOS mobile device, students download the free app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Students not using an Android or iOS device can participate in polling through a Web browser on their mobile device or laptop.

Turning Technologies Features

Polling Options

Turning provides three options for polling:

  • Poll in PowerPoint: Polling slides can be inserted into existing or new presentations.
  • AnyWhere Polling: Poll from any application or using videos, PDFs, Web pages, images, and etc.
  • Self-Paced Polling: Administer self-paced tests to replace use of bubble sheets.

Blackboard Integration

Blackboard integration of Turning Technologies offers several useful features including the ability for students to register their devices and faculty to import grades into the Grade Center from the TurningPoint Cloud desktop application.

Wide Campus Usage & Support

Turning Technologies has been the campus recommendation for several years and is integrated with Blackboard, the campus learning management system.  With a large number of Turning Technologies clickers purchased annually, many students own a Turning clicker or are familiar with using the mobile app, creating ease of use across different courses which require use of a Turning clicker.

As the campus recommendation, support is provided by university IT staff.

ECU Clickers Support

If you have additional questions about campus licensing or Turning Technologies, contact