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  • 8:00 am Monday 12/18 through 5:00 pm Friday 12/22: Blackboard will be unavailable during hardware and software maintenance.
  • 6:00am to 12:00pm Friday 12/31: Blackboard will be unavailable during the Sunday maintenance window for the transition from Blackboard’s Crocodoc Inline Grading to the New Box View tool. If you utilize the Assignment tool and Inline Grading, see details below.

Changes to Inline Grading in the Blackboard Assignment Tool

Blackboard’s current service for Inline Grading is a web-based tool called Crocodoc. purchased Crocodoc and has decided to discontinue the service on January 15, 2018. Inline Grading will move to a replacement called New Box View, which offers similar features.

To avoid disruption to Inline Grading, ECU will transition to New Box View over winter break.

What Happens to Original Annotations Created in Crocodoc?

After the transition, users cannot edit existing annotations made in Crocodoc as those annotations will be read-only in New Box View. The Crocodoc annotations are burned into a PDF, and users cannot remove or change the annotations. However, users can add new annotations with the New Box View.

What’s New in the New Box View?

What Changes with New Box View?

Users can download a copy of a student’s file but the annotations will not be included. This is a highly requested feature and is on the roadmap for development.

Blackboard Integrated Reports

Blackboard Analytics for Learn provides Integrated Reports, real-time information about student engagement and performance. Integrated Reports are only available to the Instructor of Record (IOR) at the course level and are not provided for evaluation purposes. Four reports are available to the IOR and one report can be made available to students. The amount of information available within the reports will vary based on the design of the course.

Integrated Reports focus on real time learning statistics that will help faculty identify at-risk students. Reports are derived from student access to the course, number of interaction clicks, time spent in the course, and the number of submissions. These Integrated Reports are the ‘FITBIT for Learning’ because students can visually see how they compare to their peers on activity, average score, and other metrics.  The Instructor of Record must make the Student Report available.

Accessing Integrated Reports

Click Evaluation from the Control Panel area. Next, click Course Analytics.




On December 16, we will upgrade to the latest version of SabaMeeting (8.5.4). Services are expected to be down for approximately 8 hours, from midnight until 8:00 AM.

The following is a list of enhancements and bug fixes this upgrade is slated to address:

  1. Issue that caused recordings containing more than 4 videos to play slowly has been resolved.
  2. Improvements to the program that compresses SabaMeeting audio.
  3. A new two-step browser-specific process to streamline SabaMeeting installation has been added.
  4. Added image scaling to improve the performance of live video.
  5. Switch to high-resolution AppShare video.
  6. Upgraded Agenda Builder replacing g the previous Java-Based version that only worked in IE and Safari.


Training Opportunities at provides both courses and individual videos that provide a good knowledge base for anyone interested in understanding accessibility of web pages and online documents.  If you create content that is presented online, especially to the public, that information should be in accessible formats.

Many people are aware that their content needs to be marked up with headings or semantic structure, alt tags for images, good color contrast between text and backgrounds, captioning for video or audio content, properly written links, etc.  If you don’t know how to add accessibility to your content, then take advantage of these excellent trainings in the ECU IT Accessibility Playlist.

Learn & Grow On-the-Go!

Traveling over the holidays? Make your travel time productive by downloading courses to learn on-the-go, even with no WiFi! Enjoy a continuous learning experience, as the app picks up where you left off, from any device! Whether you’re in the air, on a train, or in a café, learning is easier than ever!

Explore the Offline View Instructions.

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