May 2012

May 2012

ECU Faculty and Staff: Please take a few moments to catch up on the latest learning platform news. If you haven’t heard about Tegrity lecture capture yet – read on to learn more about the latest addition to our ECU learning platforms.

In this edition:

  • Blackboard News: DIY Copy/Collapse
  • IT Security: HIPPA and Blackboard
  • Tegrity: Classroom Pilot Update
  • iWebfolio: student portfolio system
  • Second Life for Teaching and Learning
  • Using ECU IT Resources Responsibly
  • Learning Platform Grids
  • Think-In 2012
  • Multimedia Spotlight
  • In the News….
  • ECU Training Calendar

ECU Learning Platforms and Projects


Blackboard News!

Summer 1 and Summer 11-week sessions are in full swing. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way with your Blackboard course(s).

In anticipation of Summer 2 and Fall semester, we will be offering a building in Blackboard called Respondus LockDown browser. We’re excited to offer this tool because it is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard’s course environment. In other words, when you choose to give an exam in your course using LockDown Browser, students (on their own computers or in campus computer labs) cannot browse the web or access other applications while taking the exam, nor can they copy/paste or leave an exam before it is submitted. That is just a snapshot of how LockDown Browser cuts down on test-taking issues. We’ll tell you more later…

We know that some of you are getting a head start on building/developing your Fall Semester courses. It’s great that you can build your course from start to finish, or at least get half of your semester’s content in place, with the tools and date/time settings in Blackboard – freeing up your summer for fun and sun! Consider doing your course copy and section merges sooner rather than later. To help you along with copying content from another course and merging sections, check out our new course request page:

Many instructors have already used the Course Copy and Section Merge tools and have discovered how easy it is. The Blackboard Support Team (Matt, Allen, Cindy) have created some short instructional videos, plus PDFs, which will provide you with user-friendly instructions to merge your own sections, copy your own content, or both! Why would you want to do these processes yourself? Simplicity, speed, and accuracy.

  • The process is simple.
  • The new tool gives you full control over the entire process of copying your content and collapsing your sections.
  • The process will now take minutes vs. waiting on the Blackboard team to complete your process.
  • Copy what you want when you want.

Again, go to our new course request page get the instructional videos and PDFs for the section merge and course copy tools:

Don’t forget to visit our Blackboard Blog. We have lots of information on our blog for faculty and students. We add new information often. To visit our blog, please go to

How about some Blackboard training for you and/or your GAs to either refresh your memory or to expand your skillset in Blackboard? Take a look at the ECU Training calendar; check back often for new dates on the calendar. Or, let Matt, Cindy, or Allen know if you’d like a department or deskside training. Happy summer from the Blackboard Support Team!

Matt Long

Cindy Bowers

Allen Dennis

IT Security: HIPPA and Blackboard

Did you know that protected health Information (PHI) is regulated by federal HIPAA laws? HIPAA requires that all PHI is appropriately secured, tracked and inventoried. The download or storage of PHI outside of ECU’s official medical record must be authorized by the HIPAA Privacy Officer. Therefore, never upload PHI into Blackboard. This is inclusive of any patient information (e.g. MRI’s, X-rays, videos of patients, research data containing any identifiable patient information).

If you have any doubt concerning any patient information being upload into Blackboard, please stop and contact the HIPAA Privacy Officer @ 252-744-5200. Visit the HIPAA website for additional information.

Tegrity Lecture Capture

We are excited to introduce you to Tegrity! Tegrity is a lecture capture system that allows you to record your desktop activity, audio, and web-cam video (which is optional if you’re camera shy). Everything is integrated within Blackboard and the uploading and sharing process is very easy to manage. You can record anything from a full lecture in a classroom to a few minutes of test preparation to a 3-minute syllabus overview. You simply record your computer’s desktop activity from a location such as your classroom, office, or home and then make the recording available to your students through a number of different options.

Tegrity is now available in 18 classrooms across campus. Each room features a ceiling camera to record instructor video, ceiling microphones to record student interaction, and Tegrity software to capture the sessions.

Allied Health Sciences 2330 Bate 3009 Joyner East 212
Allied Health Sciences 2350 Bate 3010 Joyner East 214
Allied Health Sciences 2425 Bate 3012 Rawl 105
Allied Health Sciences 3350 Bate 3014 Rivers 102
Bate 3006 Brewster B102 Rivers 269
Bate 3008 Joyner East 202 Rivers 271

Good News for faculty teaching DE courses this summer……add Tegrity recordings to your virtual classroom! Download the Tegrity recorder onto your PC or Mac and begin recording course content.

If you are ready to integrate this exciting new technology into your course, please contact Allen Dennis at


ITCS now offers a student portfolio system called iWebfolio It is an online portfolio program designed to make the most of a student’s academic career. They can upload personal files, pictures, videos, and much more to keep an ongoing record of their time at ECU. The program also allows for faculty to provide feedback on the portfolios and can be downloaded by the faculty or student.

For more information and tutorials visit the ITCS blog:
Contact Sharon Collins (

Second Life – a 3D Virtual Environment for Teaching and Learning

ECU is using the 3D virtual platform of Second Life for face-to-face classrooms and for distance education. Foreign-language instruction, 3D modeling, marketing, computer/networking instruction, art, and music are just some of the courses taught in Second Life. This platform allows for self-directed learning, exploration, engagement, and collaboration. Hundreds of institutions are using this instructional tool and hundreds of faculty have been published in international, state-wide, and curriculum-specific journals.

If you would like to visit the Eiffel Tower, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, government and military projects in the Second Life environment, and create a class of your own, contact Sharon Collins ( to begin your Second Life adventure!

Using ECU Information Technology Resources Responsibly

By using university IT resources, you are accepting that you are accessing the university-owned network, and that unauthorized or illegal use of the university network is prohibited. You are attesting that you will comply with university IT policies located at, the applicable University Student and Employee Computer Use Policy at (, or Academic Computer Use Policy at ( and other applicable university IT policies.

All users of university IT services are reminded that unauthorized downloading and sharing of music, video and software is a violation of Title 17, of the U.S. Copyright Act, Sections 504 and 505 and is punishable with civil and criminal penalties ranging from $750 to $250,000 and up to 10 years of imprisonment.

For more information concerning compliance with the Copyright Act, visit the U.S. Copyright Office Web site at and check out the FAQs. ECU resources are available at and

University employees who violate university computer use policies will be subject to disciplinary action as governed by policy.

Student violations are misconduct under the applicable student disciplinary code. Sanctions may include revocation of access privileges in addition to other sanctions available under the regular disciplinary procedures.

Learning Technology Grids – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions for Summer and Fall….

ITCS supports a variety of technologies designed to enhance and expand your classroom. We have technologies you can utilize to Publish digital media, Engage students with digital media and Deliver content to students. Visit the Learning Technologies Quick Reference page outlining learning technologies, educational uses, and how you can get started.

Think-In 2012: Teaching with Technology Showcase

It’s not too early to start thinking about your Think-In 2012 proposal. Maybe you implemented a new teaching strategy or technology this spring and have something exciting to share with your fellow faculty members. You can always visit the Think-In 2011 site for ideas. Watch your email for the call for proposals.

University Multimedia Center

The University Multimedia Center (UMC) is a faculty support center that promotes the use of instructional technology and enhances the technology-rich learning environment at East Carolina University. The UMC provides assistance to faculty to support the planning, design and development of high quality multimedia components to enhance student learning. We seek to cultivate instructional excellence in traditional, online, and hybrid environments. The UMC especially encourages innovative projects that serve distance education (DE), and projects that are consistent with department and college initiatives, have wide applicability, and are sustainable over time.

To initiate a project, submit a proposal at: or contact Laurie Godwin (

In the News….

Are you thinking about how you can flip your classroom? Be sure to check out “7 Things you should know about Flipped Classrooms”.

What’s the difference between linking to a video and embedding a video? “Read MPAA: you can infringe on copyright just by embedding a video” to learn more.

Have you heard about the affordable plans for subscribing to Adobe Creative Suite? Subscription editions of Adobe Creative Suite software are just like regular Creative Suite products — they are installed on your computer and provide all the same features and functionality. More information:

View UNC Adobe Pricing through CIA:

Upcoming Training and Events

Check out our IT training schedule. From Blackboard to Centra to Tegrity- we’ve got something for everyone! View all ITCS training at

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any learning technology questions or to schedule a group or individual training session. We are always happy to hear from you! Please use the contact information in the newsletter above for any specific questions.

To learn more about what ITCS has to offer, please visit our website.