November 2017

Lecture Capture

Tegrity Transition to Other Video Services

ECU will be transitioning away from use of Tegrity at the end of the fall 2017 semester. We are working through our Tegrity user list contacting faculty to determine which recordings need to be copied, converted and imported into Mediasite. If you use Tegrity and have not heard from us, please send an e-mail to

Faculty Recording

Faculty needing to create desktop lectures can use My Mediasite. My Mediasite is an online portal, where users can manage recordings created using Mediasite hardware or the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR).


My Mediasite & VoiceThread Training

Training sessions on Mediasite and VoiceThread are available in Cornerstone.



Qwickly+ increases the efficiency of communicating with students across multiple courses as well as simplifying tasks needing to be done repetitively in each course you teach. Qwickly+ allows you to add documents, create assignments, post web links, send emails, post announcements to multiple courses at one time.



Curb Cuts in Course Content and CommunicationsCurb Cut

A curb cut is the area where sidewalks meet the adjoining street. They are cut down and ramped, providing individuals with motor disabilities an easier and safer way to cross. However, curb cuts are used every day by individuals who don’t have disabilities. For example, parents with strollers, runners, and those of us who text while walking. While designed for one group, everyone benefits.

When creating course content, presentations or communications, consider adding ‘curb cuts’ to your content. For example, include navigational headers for paragraphs and alternate or supplemental text describing graphics, photos and other visuals. Adding such elements to your content supports individuals with AND without disabilities.

IT Accessibility Course Content Resources

IT Accessibility and Software PurchasesSoftware Purchases

East Carolina University is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources. ITCS and Materials Management in conjunction with Disability Support Services established a new procedure to ensure all software purchases meet Section 508 compliance. Section 508 act mandates that all electronic and information technology be assessible to people with disabilities.

Each software procurement request or requisition requires a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or other vendor affirmation that demonstrates how the software meets Section 508 requirements.  In some cases, a software purchase may qualify for an exception, see IT Purchasing – Accessibility Exemptions and Exceptions for criteria.

Securing a VPAT and/or exception is the responsibility of the end-user (requestor). This includes software purchased for more than one user (hosted/non-hosted, boxed, downloaded, etc.). For software renewal purchases previously reviewed for Section 508 compliance, an updated VPAT or vendor affirmation is only required if there have been changes in the accessibility of the software.  The requestor is responsible for verifying any accessibility updates with the vendor.

If you need assistance with this process or if the software will be used enterprise-wide, please contact ECU’s IT Accessibility Consultant or visit the Software Accessibility Review to learn more.

OneDrive for BusinessOneDrive File Sharing

Sharing Your Files

To share a file with specific people that may not be forwarded, we recommend sharing via the Invite People option. The email invitation option allows you to assign View or Edit access to a specific recipient via their email address. You can stop sharing at any time. You cannot prevent someone from downloading your files or distributing links to your files.

Can I share with someone external to ECU?

Yes, you can share via the Invite People email invitation. The recipient must have a Microsoft account to access the content. Anyone can create a Microsoft Account. The person you have shared with will need to create a Microsoft account and use the username you shared the file with such as You can stop sharing at any time.

A Word about Sharing

As with any technology or method to share files, consider what information you are sharing and with whom it should be shared. If you share content using a link via OneDrive with View Access, users you have shared with can still download and save your content. Documents can also be copied and saved by taking a screenshot of the content. So, think before you share. Learn more at OneDrive Cloud Storage.

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