LEHE Graduate Program Matriculation Information for Advisees

Elizabeth SwaggertyI strive to create positive relationships with advisees in order to support successful graduate school experiences. This site is designed to allow me to share materials and important advising dates. Please let me know if you find any misinformation or if you have ideas of additional information that would be helpful to include. I look forward to working with you as your advisor as you move through LEHE MAEd programs at ECU.


-Dr. Swaggerty

Elizabeth Swaggerty, PhD

LEHE Graduate Coordinator

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A Welcome Message from the LEHE Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Literacy Studies, English Education, and History Education in the College of Education at East Carolina University! We are thrilled that you have joined our roster of outstanding current and past students who have and continue to inquire, research, and implement innovative teaching practices in a variety of educational settings. The department is organized into three program areas; Reading Education, English Education, and History Education offering two graduate degrees – MAEd in Reading Education and MAEd in Curriculum and Instruction (with separate concentrations in English Education and History/Social Studies Education). The programs are designed to produce teachers and teacher leaders who are reflective practitioners and who provide professional service to the community, the state, and the nation. This handbook is intended to assist you in securing answers to a number of questions that may arise during your program.

While the graduate programs in the Department of Literacy Studies, English Education, and History Education strive to make the information in this handbook as timely and accurate as possible, they make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of the contents, and expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions in the contents. This handbook is not a contract between the University and students. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to make changes to the content of this handbook without notice to students. Information should be confirmed with the current ECU Graduate Catalog and website.

Dr. Katherine Misulis

Associate Professor and Chair


LEHE Department Faculty

Department Faculty Member Profiles and Contact Information: http://coeweb.ecu.edu/Directory/lehe/

Terry Atkinson, Associate Professor of Reading Education, atkinsont@ecu.edu

Tanya Cannon, Teaching Instructor, Reading Education, cannonta@ecu.edu

Johna Faulconer, Associate Professor of Reading Education, LEHE Associate Chair, faulconerj@ecu.edu

Todd Finley, Associate Professor of English Education, English Education Advisor, finleyt@ecu.edu

Allen Guidry, Interim Assistant Dean, Associate Professor of History Education, History Education Advisor, guidrya@ecu.edu

Christy Howard, Assistant Professor of Reading Education, howardch14@ecu.edu

Ran Hu, Associate Professor of Reading Education, hur@ecu.edu

Katherine Misulis, Associate Professor of Reading Education, LEHE Dept. Chair, misulisk@ecu.edu

Lanette Moret, Teaching Instructor, Reading Education, 

Mikkaka Overstreet, Assistant Professor of Reading Education, overstreetm17@ecu.edu

Caitlin Ryan, Associate Professor of Reading Education, ryanca@ecu.edu


Elizabeth Swaggerty, Associate Professor of Reading Education, LEHE Department Graduate Coordinator, Reading Education Advisor, swaggertye@ecu.edu

Anne Ticknor, Associate Professor of Reading Education, ticknora@ecu.edu