LEHE Graduate Program Matriculation Information for Advisees

I strive to create positive relationships with students in order to support successful graduate school experiences and successful post-graduation careers. This site is designed to allow me to share program materials, professional opportunities, and advising information. I look forward to working with you as you move through LEHE MAEd programs at ECU.


-Dr. Swaggerty

Elizabeth Swaggerty, PhD

LEHE Graduate Coordinator

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LEHE Department Faculty

Department Faculty Member Profiles and Contact Information: http://coeweb.ecu.edu/Directory/lehe/

Terry Atkinson, Associate Professor of Reading Education, atkinsont@ecu.edu

Tanya Cannon, Teaching Instructor, Reading Education, cannonta@ecu.edu

Johna Faulconer, Associate Professor of Reading Education, LEHE Associate Chair, faulconerj@ecu.edu

Todd Finley, Associate Professor of English Education, English Education Advisor, finleyt@ecu.edu


Kristin Gehsmann, Chair of the Department of Literacy Studies, English Education, and History Education, GEHSMANNK18@ECU.EDU


Allen Guidry, Interim Assistant Dean, Associate Professor of History Education, History Education Advisor, guidrya@ecu.edu

Christy Howard, Assistant Professor of Reading Education, howardch14@ecu.edu

Ran Hu, Associate Professor of Reading Education, hur@ecu.edu

Katherine Misulis, Associate Professor of Reading Education, misulisk@ecu.edu

Lanette Moret, Teaching Instructor, Reading Education, 

Mikkaka Overstreet, Assistant Professor of Reading Education, overstreetm17@ecu.edu

Caitlin Ryan, Associate Professor of Reading Education, ryanca@ecu.edu


Elizabeth Swaggerty, Associate Professor of Reading Education, LEHE Department Graduate Coordinator, Reading Education Advisor, swaggertye@ecu.edu

Anne Ticknor, Associate Professor of Reading Education, ticknora@ecu.edu