MAEd in Reading Education

The 39-semester hour MAEd in Reading Education degree program offers the opportunity for advanced study in literacy education. Candidates explore current reading research, assessment and diagnosis of reading difficulties, management and oversight of literacy programs, and develop action research projects related to an area of interest. Nine hours of study are selected from a variety of literacy related courses including library science, gifted education, digital literacy/technology integration, and teaching English as a second language. Completion of the program results in eligibility for K-12 reading specialist licensure. The degree program may be completed on a part-time or full-time basis and all courses are online. An initial teaching license is required to apply and some individuals may need to take prerequisite courses in reading methods in order to be accepted to the program.

READ Faculty

2018-19 MAEd Reading Education HandbookDepartment of Literacy Studies, English Education, & History Education Faculty and Staff Directory

MAEd READ Graduate Handbook

Click here for the most recent MAEd READ Graduate Student Handbook.

Course Checksheet

The MAEd READ Course Checksheet details the courses that are required for completion of this 39-semester hour program, including when each course is typically offered and required prerequisites. *Note that a three-hour graduate course typically demands approximately nine hours of work per week.

New Graduate Students FAQ

New College of Education MAEd READ Graduate Students Frequently Asked Questions

Course Descriptions and Requirements

This document includes a description of each of the Professional Core and Reading Core courses required in the MAEd-READ Program.

Advising Guide

Review this document to learn about how your start date and courses for related study impact your plan of study.

Program Portfolio Requirements

This document includes information about the Reading Program Portfolio and the Graduate Evidence Portfolio, both required for successful completion of the MAEd in Reading Program and licensure.

MAEd-READ Graduate Teaching Standards

This link guides you to a chart that represents standards that are to be attained by MAEd-READ candidates as recommended by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (Standards for Graduate Teaching Candidates) and by the International Reading Association (Standards for Reading Professionals).

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