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Your assigned academic advisor will help you clarify your academic goals and develop a long-term plan of study to meet the requirements of the degree. The developmental sequence of courses, prerequisites, course load, electives, and course availability should be considered when creating plans of study. Review and save the course check sheet for your degree, download a copy of each semester’s University Academic Calendar from the ECU website and note all important dates, including the date by which tuition must be paid so your class schedule is not canceled. Maintain communication with your advisor each semester. For a list of available online courses, visit the Graduate Catalogue and select “courses.” Keep in mind that a three-hour graduate course typically demands approximately nine hours of work per week, so you do not want to overload your schedule.


Candidates must review progress toward degree completion (Degree Works) and long term plans in preparation for registration. Communication with advisor is encouraged. Students are responsible for registration and ultimately it is their responsibility to ensure that degree requirements are met. Deviation from plans of study may result in scheduling issues and a later graduation date.Graduate students are not required to have a PIN for registration. See this link for registration instructions. Additional links:

Admit by Exception students and students on Probation will NOT be able to register until the final grade report is run on Commencement Day. Holds will not be lifted until final grades are reviewed. These terms are described students in admissions letters and probation letters.

Candidates must apply to graduate via Pirate Port ( the semester before they plan to meet graduation requirements. Instructions for how to apply for graduation can be found here:

If you’re not sure if you applied to graduate or not, check your Degree Works Audit (log in to Pirate Port).

If students are dual-degree or graduating with certification and degree then they will have to submit a separate application for each degree/certification they will be receiving. University Registrar graduation protocols and procedures can be found here:

Graduation Application Deadlines

Spring Term: February 1

Sumer Term: April 1

Fall Term: September 15

ECU’s main Commencement Ceremony is hosted at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium. Questions?
This ceremony features individual recognition of College of Education students receiving degrees. Friends and families of the graduates are cordially invited to attend. It is not necessary for graduates or guests to RSVP for this event. Tickets are not required to attend the ceremony.


Click here for instructions for submitting applications for teaching licensure (e.g., Add on M-level Reading License). Note that degree awarded transcript must be attached to your application.