ROOM 1019: Absolute Quiet Room

Joyner Library is pleased to announce room 1019 is now an absolute quiet room.  The absolute quiet room is designed for library users wanting space free of nearly all ambient noise.  In addition to the prohibition on talking or headphones, cell phones and other devices must be silenced (not just set to vibrate) upon entry.  The creation of this quiet space is in response to the spring 2014 student survey.  The room is open during normal library operating hours.

The third floor remains a quiet study area although cell phones, headphones, etc. are permitted.  Security guards will increase patrol of the area to better enforce reduced noise levels.

Upcyle! Recycle Book Show 5/30/15

Upcycle! Art Exhibition featuring works from the Triangle Book Arts Group

May 30, 2015
Faulkner Gallery, 2nd floor

Upcycling is the process of elevating a material to a higher purpose. This exhibition combines upcycling and books.

W Keats Sparrow Writing Contest Deadline 5/8/15

Keats Sparrow Writing Award

Deadline: May 8, 2015   •   5:00pm

First place – $200

Second Place – $150

Third Place – $100

Eligible: Research papers written for an English 1100 or 1200 class during the Summer 2014, Fall 2014, or Spring 2015 semesters using Joyner Library’s resources.

Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration 4/23/15

Celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday on April 23, 2015 with the Sonnet-Writing Contest and Awards Program.

2:15-2:30pm  ECU’s Storybook Theatre performance in front of Wright Auditorium

2:45-3:00pm  ECU’s Storybook Theatre performance in front of Joyner Library

3:00pm  Awards program, Dr. David Wilson-Okamura lecture, and refreshments at Joyner Library