December 2010

It’s a crazy and exciting time here at Joyner.  Throughout this past semester the students have responded to our new Collaborative Learning Center by coming in greater and greater numbers—singly and in groups to study, research, write and receive tutoring, writing, and research assistance.  Overall library usage is up nearly 20%, and Reading Day, December 8th, was one for the record books: the single day gate count was 4292, and, at 7:00 p.m., with more than 900 people in the building every table, desk, carrel, and group study room was occupied.  Moreover, our always ingenious and inventive students created their own impromptu study areas, sitting on the floor clustered around any available power plug. Laptops, Ipads, and smart devices were everywhere, and the Library’s wireless network was sorely tested. Our Senior Security Officer, David Perkins, says he has never seen anything like it! December 8th also saw the Library marking another important but more intimate milestone, with a ceremony to present the first Bassman Honors Thesis Award Winner (see page 4). The prize, created to honor the outstanding, student-centered  career of Dr. Michael Bassman, will be given annually for the best researched and written Honors Thesis. This year’s recipient of the prize was Landon Allen who graduated last May summa cum laude with a BS in Chemistry and Biology. Let me close by wishing all of our readers a wonderful and restorative Holiday from all of the faculty and staff of Joyner Library. We will continue to work throughout 2011 to maintain and enhance the high level of service you have come to expect.

Bassman Honors Thesis Award Winner 2010

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