January 2011

A new year and a new semester begin. After a few quiet weeks over the holidays, activity in Joyner Library is once again picking up. I am proud of our dedicated faculty and staff and our focus on student learning resources and services. Recently I was able to review the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Executive Snapshot 2009 for East Carolina University.  ECU student responses often compare well with the national norm.  However, there were two areas where ECU student responses compare less favorably. Fortunately, I believe that Joyner Library can help improve them.

Only 17% of freshmen report that they wrote more than 10 papers or reports—this compares with 31% of freshmen nationally. Barely 14% of these same ECU freshmen report having made a class presentation, compared to 33% nationally.  Joyner Library provides access to hundreds of research databases and thousands of electronic journals, but making sense of this cornucopia is often daunting. Each academic year, our faculty librarians provide more than 1000 library research classes and conduct hundreds of individual research consultations, but they would be willing and, in fact, would be delighted to be asked to do more. If you are faculty member who requires your class to produce a research paper, I would urge you to contact our Coordinator of Instruction, Amy Gustavson, to discuss research orientation classes.

Finally, Joyner Library’s Presentation Practice Room is a state of the art, technology rich facility that is available to students and their teachers.  Using the room’s recording and editing software and equipment, students can incorporate audio, video, and other electronic research data into their reports, practice and hone their individual and group presentation skills, and produce and save a final electronic copy.

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