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I have been thinking about the definition and role of the Academic Library, both in general and in particular for East Carolina. In the last decade, developments in printing and publishing technology and the rapid growth and availability of electronic information have wrought incredible changes in academic libraries and the delivery of services to our students and faculty. Research that used to take weeks and months poring through printed indices and retrieving sometimes hundreds of books and bound journals, can now be done in weeks if not days or hours—and often without physically coming to the university library itself.  What we sometimes forget is that obtaining and More

ECU’s Joyner Library to Debut Southern Authors Collection

GREENVILLE (Sept. 2, 2011) – The J. Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University will celebrate the debut of the Stuart Wright Collection on Sept. 7 with an opening event for the exhibit, “Stuart Wright: A Life in Collecting.”

Former North Carolina poet laureate Fred Chappell, who is a friend of Wright, will read a poem written for the occasion. Wright will not attend the event.

The Wright Collection consists of more than 3,000 printed works and 5,000 manuscripts and has been in the processing stages at Joyner Library since its acquisition in 2010. More

ECU’s Joyner Library hosts 8th Literary Homecoming

GREENVILLE, N.C. (9/07/2011) — East Carolina University honors the region’s literary traditions Sept. 23 and 24 with the annual Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, presented by Joyner Library and the “North Carolina Literary Review. The event will offerinteractive workshops and panel presentations.

This year’s theme, “Rewriting Nature: Impacting Change in the Environment,” will focus on “human encounters with the environment as well as the impact that nature has on us, including our personal responses to and philosophical interpretations of nature,” according to Literary Homecoming organizers. More

ECU’s Joyner Library opens exhibit on Native Carolinians circa 1585

J.Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University opens Native Carolinians, 1585:  The Theodor de Bry Engravings of John White Watercolors on April 4, 2011.

The Native Collections exhibit will feature 22 engravings created by Theodor de Bry that appeared in the English, Latin, and German 1590 editions of Thomas Harriot’s A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia.  The engravings were based on the watercolors by the artist, John White, circa 1585, also a member of the colony. More

East Carolina University Viewing and Lecture – Landing at Iwo Jima: Preserving a Rare WWII Rubber Map from the Battleship North Carolina

On February 19, 2011, the 66th anniversary of the landing of the US invasion on Iwo Jima, historians and conservators from ECU will hold a public viewing of a rare rubber topographic map depicting Iwo Jima during WWII. The map illustrates several air strips and roads on the island and was used for training naval intelligence officers. After this event, the map will return to the Battleship North Carolina collection in Wilmington, NC. More

ECU’s Joyner Library hosts inaugural program for the Michael F. Bassman Honors Thesis Award

J.Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University will honor Daniel Landon Allen, the first winner of the Michael F. Bassman Honors Thesis Award, on Dec. 7.

An Honors Student and EC Scholar, Landon Allen graduated summa cum laude with University Honors in May 2010. He completed dual degrees in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Business Administration and a certificate in Hispanic Studies. More

ECU’s Joyner Library hosts 7th literary homecoming

East Carolina University celebrates the region’s literary traditions September 17 and 18. The Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming at Joyner Library will offer interactive workshops in addition to panel presentations.

This year’s theme “Contrasting Cultural Expressions: Perceptions of Place and Self” explores the impact of shared values and traditions on the perceptions of self and one’s place in the larger world context. Artists from eastern North Carolina will interact with artists influenced by other regions to explore differences and how they capture the culture of their regions in their work. More

ECU’s Joyner Library recognizes winners of the W. Keats Sparrow Writing Award

The winners of the 2010 W. Keats Sparrow Writing Awards were recognized Tuesday in a ceremony at Joyner Library. The awards recognize excellence in research and writing by students in ECU’s English 1100 and 1200 composition classes.

The Friends of Joyner Library sponsored the event named in honor of the late Dr. W. Keats Sparrow, Professor Emeritus of English and former dean of the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. Larry Boyer, dean of Academic Library and Learning Resources, presented a book in memoriam to Elizabeth “Liz” Sparrow, widow of Keats Sparrow. More


Joyner Library at East Carolina University in Pitt County has been awarded $10,000 from the N.C. Arts Council for 7th Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming.

The funds will be used to bring artists originally from the area back home to meet with people of the region, allowing both artists and residents the opportunity to appreciate eastern North Carolina’s rich history of culture and talent. More