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Please join us for a great night at Joyner Library. Enjoy electronic video games, board games, contests, prizes, pizza, snacks, etc and learn more about the services and resources Joyner offers!
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Dr. Calvin Mercer – FaculTea

Join us for a FaculTea presentation by Dr. Calvin Mercer, Professor of Religious Studies.

Dr. Mercer with talk about Living Healthy for 500 Years and Other Enhancements: It’s No Longer Mere Science Fiction at Joyner Library in Room 2409

As a part of National Library Week, see how Joyner Library has transformed over the past year. The 2016 Annual Report features photographs and student quotations that highlight the importance of Joyner Library to East Carolina University students. Joyner Library stands by its promise to support excellence, expand opportunity, and celebrate achievement.

“I think the library component is a very important part of education. The library is a lost treasure at many universities and campuses. If we are to compete in a global capacity, We must meet the needs of every student. The library is one part of the university that truly tries to do that.”
– Josiah Thornton, Joyner Library’s one-millionth visitor

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Part of the mission at Joyner Library is to support contributions to the research community worldwide. During the 2015-2016 academic year, The Interlibrary Loan Program provided 12,849 items to 1,081 libraries in all 50 states and 16 countries.

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As the cost of higher education continues to rise, Joyner Library is finding ways to save students money on course materials. Joyner has worked with faculty to provide students with free electronic access to dozens of course-adopted texts and supports the adoption of alternative textbooks.

“I particularly love using e-books because of their easy access. The fact that alternative textbooks also help students cut down on spending is fantastic.”
-Margaret Blythe, Senior Sociology

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At Joyner Library, our librarians enjoy helping students reach their full potential. We offer a variety of ways to communicate with us so that students can get research assistance when and where they need it.

“The skills I gained through the library during my time at ECU have made me the accomplished researcher I am today and have even allowed me to help others. The librarians are very well informed. I was also never let down by the impressive efficiency of the ILL service. One of ECU’s main strengths is its library.”
-ECU Senior English

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Joyner Library is committed to helping our students find the information they need to succeed in research. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Joyner Library saw 108,076 uses of our research guides. The success of our students is the ultimate measure of our library and university.

“I love the library! I am very grateful that ECU has such an awesome studying resource, as well as access to all of the academic journals that are necessary for me to succeed in my courses.”
-ECU Sophomore Psychology Major

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#National Library Week

Each year, Joyner Library recognizes student excellence through award programs that reflect the diverse talents and interests of ECU students. Joyner Library offers three awards recognizing excellence in research and writing.

“Finishing off my senior year at ECU by receiving the Michael F. Bassman Honors College Thesis Award was a very special and rewarding moment.”
– Hannah G. Wollard, 2015-16 Bassman Award recipient for her thesis on investigating the mechanism behind the reaction that converts cycloplatinated complexes into products used for biological imaging and cancer research

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Joyner exhibit showcases trappings of early healthcare

Joyner Library is hosting the traveling exhibit “The Sick Room: Invalid Feeders and Bedside Necessities” in the Verona Joyner Langford North Carolina Collection on the third floor of the library. The exhibit, open through the month of May, showcases a variety of items — both beautiful and useful — that helped ease invalids back to health during the Victorian Period.

Caring for a sick family member was a common part of life, and any bedroom could become the “sick room” where a convalescing patient would rest undisturbed from the difficulties of life.

“The exhibit gives us a better understanding of what life was like taking care of sick family members during the late 19th century,” said Anne Anderson, exhibit curator for the Country Doctor Museum. “This responsibility usually fell to the woman of the household, and much of her time might have been spent using the types of objects featured in the exhibit.

“This concept still connects to us today where an illness can have a huge impact on family life.”

On loan from the Country Doctor Museum in Bailey, North Carolina, the exhibit includes invalid feeders, baby rattles, bedpans, and an invalid chair.

The exhibit also offers many pieces from the private collection of Brenda Rewalt of Bolivia, North Carolina, a retired nurse who has collected more than 700 feeders and related items, some dating back to the 1700s.

“Brenda Rewalt’s collection of invalid feeders is one of the best in the country, and the Country Doctor Museum is very fortunate to include some of her beautiful pieces in this exhibit,” said Anderson. “Her knowledge about the objects, both as a collector and nurse, helped inform the exhibit’s interpretation of life in the sick room.”

On April 6 from 1-3 p.m. in the first floor lobby of Joyner Library, Anderson will offer students an opportunity to participate in a related hands-on activity. Students will grind up medicinal herbs such as eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint to make medicinal herb sachets, while Anderson and other Joyner Special Collections staff speak on how these herbs were used as home remedies, particularly in sick rooms.

Activities will continue on the third floor, and students are also encouraged to visit the exhibit and use the iPad kiosk to vote on their favorite exhibit item. Results will be posted to Joyner Library’s social media platforms.
“This is our first exhibit installation at Joyner Library and we are very grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for medical history with a new audience,” said Anderson.

For additional information, please contact the Country Doctor Museum at 252-235-4165 or email Anne Anderson,

Further Details:
Many of the beautiful objects on display are on loan from the private collection of Brenda Rewalt.  For additional information, please contact The Country Doctor Museum at 252-235-4165 or email Anne Anderson,



“A Grave Injustice:” The Internment of Japanese-Americans, 1942-45

The latest post on Joyner Library’s Cold War & Internal Security (CWIS) Collection Blog notes the 75th anniversary of one of the gravest affronts to civil liberty in American history: the forcible internment of an estimated 117,000 Japanese-Americans living in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona in the spring of 1942:

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 The CWIS Collection includes over 1,000 volumes of congressional hearings, committee prints and committee reports published between 1918-1977, primarily covering congressional investigations of organizations deemed “subversive” or “un-American”. For more on the Cold War and Internal Security Collection, please visit our LibGuide:

For more information please contact:
David Durant
Associate Professor/Federal Documents & Social Sciences Librarian
J.Y. Joyner Library
East Carolina University

Image: “Exclusion Order posted at First and Front Streets directing removal of persons of Japanese ancestry.” Taken by Dorothea Lange, San Francisco, California, April 11, 1942. Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority, 1942 – 1945, National Archives: