Sun Valley Elementary School Wins Top Awards in State and World

Kevin Vickers (MLS 2011) reports that his school, Sun Valley Elementary in Monroe, NC, came in 1st place in NC and 2nd place worldwide in the Read for the World Record.   The students spent their summer vacation reading for 2,567,912 minutes.  About 684 students participated, tracking their reading minutes online throughout the summer.

According to Vickers, school library media coordinator, “They just went all out.  Their hunger for reading did not end when the summer did.”  Students tell him in the hallway that they’ve been reading and it opens a dialogue about what they read, how long they read, and what they learned.

In addition to reading, students improved their computer skills by using a website to track their minutes.  Vickers also made graphs to illustrate how many minutes the grade levels had read, opening a discussion about math and graphs.  “It was all tied in to information technology,” Vickers said.

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