English Education

The goal of the English Education MAT concentration is to fully prepare, both in subject matter and pedagogical knowledge, individuals who will be effective, powerful leaders in their 9-12 classrooms, their schools, and their profession. During the full-time spring internship experience, English Education MAT students apply and enrich their personal knowledge and skills while working with teachers and university supervisors to enhance high school students’ understanding of literature, composition, and our shared human experience.

Master of Arts in Teaching in English Education Schedule Planning Chart

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer I Semester Summer II Semester
Year 1 TCHR 6010 3

TCHR 6011  3

Year 2 ENED 6600  3

ENED 6630  3

ENED 6967  3

ENGL Elective (6000)  3

ENGL Elective (6000)  3

TCHR 6020  3

ENED 6024  9

TCHR 6030  3

SPED 6000  3

NOTE: This document is subject to change.