History Education

MAT students in the History concentration take classes housed in the History Education program, located in the College of Education, and also in the History department, housed in the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences.  This combination provides students with an opportunity to advance their historical thinking and apply it in effective and creative ways to facilitate the development of high school students’ deep, complex, and rich understanding of historical concepts and events.

Master of Arts in Teaching in History Education Schedule Planning Chart

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer I Semester Summer II Semester
Year 1 TCHR 6010 3

TCHR 6011  3

Year 2 HIED 6500  3

HIED 6510 3

HIED 6600  3

History  Elective (6000 level)

History Elective (6000 level)

TCHR 6020  3

HIED 6024  9

TCHR 6030  3

SPED 6000  3

NOTE: This document is subject to change.