Music Education

The Music Education Master of Arts in Teaching program at East Carolina University is designed for persons who hold undergraduate degrees in Music and who wish to become certified K-12 music educators. A transcript evaluation is done upon receiving the application to determine if pre-requisites are required. Students applying for the MAT in Music will need to audition as part of the application process. Details about the audition will be arranged once an applicant has submitted all other required materials. The goal of the program is to fully prepare, both in subject matter and pedagogical knowledge, individuals who will be effective, powerful leaders in their classrooms, their schools, and their profession. The one-year, full-time program beginning in summer two and running through the next summer one semester, consists of 33 semester hours (if you are an instrumental person) or 34 hours (if you are a vocal person) of course work, all face-to-face, and a 9-hour, full semester internship during which MAT students work with certified, trained clinical teachers and are supported by program-related university supervisors.

Master of Arts in Teaching in Music Schedule Planning Chart

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer I Semester Summer II Semester
Year 1 TCHR 6010 3

TCHR 6011  3

Year 2 MUSC 5257  3

MUSC 5977 3

MUSC 6048  3

MUSC 6237 or MUSC 6217  2

MUSC 6287 or MUSC 6405  1

MUSC 6333 or MUSC 6323  2

MUSC elective 5466  2-5

TCHR 6020  3

MUSC 6024  9

TCHR 6030  3

SPED 6000  3

NOTE: This document is subject to change.