Music Education Descriptions

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Summer II 1

TCHR 6010 – The Learner and the Learning Environment – Learning theory, motivational theory, and assessment within school environment. Focus on cognitive, effective, and social development of students.

TCHR 6011 – The Teacher and the Teaching Experience – Teaching within school environment. Teaching cycle, teaching as a profession, culture of teaching, and general strategies for instruction.

Fall Semester 1

MUSC 5257 – Psychological Foundations of Music – Nature and extent of scientific investigations into acoustics of music, human responses to music, learning theory, and basic research in music.

MUSC 5977 – General Music in the Secondary Schools – May not count toward foundations curriculum fine arts requirement. Contemporary concepts in teaching at middle, junior, and senior high school levels. Examination of literature and materials.

MUSC 6048 – Music for Children with Exceptionalities – Materials, procedures, methods, and activities applicable to teaching music for children with exceptionalities.

MUSC 6237 – Foundations of Instructional for Vocal and General Music EducationPlanning and evaluation of instruction for general music classroom. Elements of music and their related components. Voice classification, vocal technique, and role of choral program in elementary school.
MUSC 6217 – Foundations of Instruction for Instrumental Music
– Criteria for selection and use of music and materials in elementary school. Role of beginning instrumental music in schools and its relationship to entire school program.

MUSC 6287 – Laboratory Choral Experience in Music Education – Application of conducting skills and refinement of music teaching and rehearsal skills. Teaching approaches and choral rehearsal techniques for middle- and high-school singers.
MUSC 6405 – Laboratory Instrumental Experience in Music Education
Application of conducting skills and refinement of music teaching and rehearsal skills. Teaching approaches and instrumental rehearsal techniques for middle- and high-school students.

MUSC 6333 – Materials and Methods for Choral and Vocal Music Education – Organization, administration, motivation, discipline, and innovative methodology for choral and vocal teaching in primary and secondary schools.
MUSC 6323 – Materials and Methods in Music Education
Relevant issues in music education. Develop individual philosophy of music and musical instruction and specific techniques for teaching instrumental music in primary and secondary schools.

MUSC elective 5466 – Folk and Indigenous Music of Europe and the Americas – P: Area minors and ANTH majors with consent of instructor; undergraduate MUSC course. Ethnic music of the West surveyed with particular attention to society, culture, and tradition.

Spring Semester 1

TCHR 6020 – MAT Classroom Management – Concurrent internship experience required. P: TCHR 6010, TCHR 6011. Roles and responsibilities of teacher in organizing and managing classroom setting. Approaches to handling discipline problems.

MUSC 6024 – MAT Internship – P: TCHR 6010, TCHR 6011. Supervised teaching in appropriate subject and level classroom. Emphasis on reflective decision-making.

Summer I 1

TCHR 6030 – Literacy Development in the Area Classroom – May receive credit for one of READ 5317; TCHR 6030. Development of literacy abilities in content area classrooms. Identification of literacy requisites, evaluation of content area materials, and assessment of student competencies. Development of strategies and teaching materials to enhance learning.

SPED 6000 – Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in the Regular Classroom – Diverse educational needs of children with disabilities in regular classroom. Identification and placement procedures, academic and behavioral strategies, and curriculum and evaluation modifications.