Science Education

The Science Education concentration in the MAT program prepares students to teach each of the four sciences taught in a high school setting: Earth (general) Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  During the spring full-time internship, MAT interns may specialize in one particular area of science or have the opportunity to teach more than one of the sciences, depending upon the schedule of their ECU-trained clinical teacher.

Master of Arts in Teaching in Science Education Schedule Planning Chart

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer I Semester Summer II Semester
Year 1 TCHR 6010  3

TCHR 6011   3

Year 2 SCIE 6003   3

SCIE 6004  3

SCIE 6320  3

SCIE 6030  3

SCIE 6310  3

TCHR 6020   3

SCIE 6024   9

TCHR 6030   3

SPED 6000   3

NOTE: This document is subject to change.