Special Education Descriptions

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Prior to Summer II

Program pre-requisite: One of these courses must be completed before Summer 2 classes begin: SPED 5101, SPED 6000, or SPED 6002

Summer II

TCHR 6010 – The Learner and the Learning Environment – Learning theory, motivational theory, and assessment within school environment. Focus on cognitive, affective, and social development of students.

TCHR 6011 – The Teacher and the Teaching Experience – Teaching within school environment. Teaching cycle, teaching as a profession, culture of teaching, and general strategies for instruction.

Fall Semester

SPED 6003 – Assessment in Special Education Formal and informal assessment of students with mild or moderate impairments.

SPED 6004 – Legal and Cultural Issues – Regulations and other factors influencing provision of special education services for students with mild or moderate impairments.

SPED 6005 – Curriculum and Instructional Design in Special Education – Models of educational planning, design, and accommodations for students with mild or moderate impairments.

SPED 6006 – Analysis and Application of Instructional Methods in Special Education – Instructional strategies and supports for students with mild or moderate impairments.

SPED 6007 – Individual Behavior Strategies and Supports in Special Education – Theories and approaches for increasing positive behavior and social skills for students with mild or moderate impairments.

Spring Semester

TCHR 6020 – MAT Classroom Management – Concurrent internship experience required. P: TCHR 6010, TCHR 6011. Roles and responsibilities of teacher in organizing and managing classroom setting. Approaches to handling discipline problems.

SPED 6024 – MAT Internship – P: TCHR 6010, TCHR 6011. Supervised teaching in appropriate subject and level classroom. Emphasis on reflective decision-making.

Summer I

TCHR 6030 – Literacy Development in the Area Classroom – May receive credit for one of READ 5317; TCHR 6030. Development of literacy abilities in content area classrooms. Identification of literacy requisites, evaluation of content area materials, and assessment of student competencies. Development of strategies and teaching materials to enhance learning.

SPED 6008 – Linking Research and Practice in Special Education – P: Admission to master of arts in teaching (special education); TCHR 6010, TCHR 6011. Analysis of the role of research in education of students with mild or moderate impairments.