Summer Information

Math 1065: College Algebra

Summer Syllabus



A score of 75 or better on the Accuplacer Mathematics Placement Test OR a score of 540 or better onthe math section of the SAT OR a score of 20 or better on the math section of the ACT OR successful completion of MATH 0001/0045


Course Design Overview


Required Materials

·           A College Algebra/TestCal package, ISBN 9781256631507, is required. This code will give you access to the eText, which you should read regularly. Please note you may get temporary access at no charge. If you are repeating Math 1065 and already have a MyMathLab account (using the Trigsted package), you do not need to purchase it again. Also, if you already have a Pearson account, you do not need to create a new one.
  • Your ECU email address is required. This email address must be entered in the email address field during the registration process in MyMathLab even if it is not the email address you use most often. *Email communication with your instructor from anywhere other than your ECU official account will not be given any consideration and will be discarded.
  • A Math 1065 College Algebra Course Pack is required and should be brought to every class. It may be purchased from the Dowdy Student Store.
  • You will need the course ID# Please note there is a different course ID for each section of MATH        1065.
  • A non-graphing calculator with logarithmic and exponential capabilities is required; we recommend the TI-30XS MultiView calculator.   A cell phone may not be used as a calculator.


Class Meetings

  • Class meets 120 minutes at the scheduled time.
  • All cell phones, computers and any other electronic devices must be turned off and put away out of sight during class.



  • You should review your class notes and read the eText before attempting the homework.
  • If you rely on the MyMathLab learning aids or other help to get an exercise correct, then use the Similar Exercise feature and rework the exercise repeatedly until you can get it correct without any help. Many students who become overly dependent on the learning aids or other assistance to get a score of 100% on the homework assignment find out that they score much lower on the tests.
  • Your homework answers are saved after each exercise is completed, so you can exit your homework and return to it any time prior to the due date.
  • There are two types of homework exercises.
Type Exercise Descriptions Sample of Numbering Features
1 Standard











~learning aids available in MML

~in general three attempts allowed for each iteration with feedback after each

~Similar Exercise (new iteration for same exercise number) allowed an unlimited number of times

~instructor and the PTC tutors can assist with these exercises

2 Reading Assessment 2.1.RA-3 ~learning aids NOT available in MML

~can be attempted only two times with feedback after each

~Similar Exercise NOT allowed

~multiple choice, usually found at the end of each homework assignment

~NO assist will be given with these exercises

  • Graded homework for each section has a due date and will close, but the same homework assignment (labeled Practice Homework) is open throughout the summer to be used for studying.
  • The Practice Homework does not count toward your final grade in the course.
  • Please check course calendar for homework assignments due dates (in red on course calendar). In general all homework assignments are due by 11:00 PM.


Tests and the Final Exam

  • The proctored, password protected tests and final exam are taken using MyMathLab in the Pirate CAVE (located in the basement of Joyner Library).
  • You will take each test in the CAVE during your normal class time. For example, if your class meets from 8:00-10:00, then you will take your test from 8:00-10:00 on test days.
  • Please arrive at the CAVE at least 10 minutes before your testing time. Items required for entry in the Pirate CAVE for testing are your ECU OneCard, an 8.5” x 11” bluebook, a writing instrument and a non-graphing calculator. You will be assigned to a particular workstation.
  • If a student is caught with any unauthorized materials in the testing lab (information written on oneself, the desktop, calculator, notes) or if the student accesses a cell phone or other electronic device, that student will receive a grade of 0% on the test and possible disciplinary actions.
  • Once a student is seated for a test/exam, he or she is not permitted to move from that location for the duration of the exam. The exam must be submitted prior to leaving the CAVE.
  • In extreme situations (power failure, server failure, forced evacuation of building) should a testing session be interrupted, student test work will automatically be saved, so that when power or reconnection is re-established the student may again log into their test and resume work for the remainder of their time. If a testing session is interrupted for some other reason, it is likely that the student will be advised by a test proctor to X out of their test (by clicking on the upper right corner X of their browser); the student in this case should not click the Submit button for their test because then the student will not be permitted to re-start and finish their test. For whatever reason the testing session is interrupted, the test may resume soon thereafter or at a later time. Students will be advised by the test proctor whether they should wait in their seats until the test can be re-started, or whether they should submit their names and then leave the CAVE to return at a later time.
  • Only 1 attempt is allowed for each test and the final exam.
  • After completing all homework, you should prepare for tests and the final exam by repeatedly taking the practice tests. All practice tests are copies of the actual tests. Practice tests do not count towards your course average.
  • You should take the practice test in a test setting, using only blank paper, a non-graphing calculator, and something to write with, in order to prepare for the actual test.
  • You are not allowed to give/receive help while taking a practice test.
  • Your instructor or the PTC tutors will gladly review a practice test with you once you have completed it.
  • You are not allowed any assistance on tests or the final exam. This includes notes, formula sheets, or any other type of outside help. While testing, you are not allowed access to other online materials, including your homework and online learning aids in MyMathLab. Remember, academic dishonesty is a violation of the university code of student conduct.
  • If you miss a test, no makeup will be allowed and a grade of “0” will be recorded in the grade book – unless the absence is a University Excuse (issued by ECU’s Dean of Students Office). NOTE: A letter from Student Health does NOT qualify as a university excuse.
  • There is a practice final exam on MyMathLab. You should work it numerous times.
  • Throughout the semester there will be scores for two tests and a final exam. Your final exam score will be entered in the grade book as your final exam score and also as a Test #3 score. Then, the lowest of the scores on Tests #1-3 will not be used in the final grade calculation. This has the effect of replacing your lowest of two test scores with the final exam score if it is higher.
  • The final exam will be given during the last day of class (see course calendar for specific date).  (If absent from this exam, a student is allowed to make up this exam only if he/she has a University Excuse issued by ECU’s Dean of Student’s office.) NOTE: A letter from Student Health does NOT qualify as a university excuse.


Final Grade Calculation

Weight             Item                             Details

15%                 Homework                  30 homework assignments (2 lowest grades dropped)

50%                Tests                            2 tests (lowest will be replaced with final exam score if higher)

35%                Final Exam                  cumulative

Grading Scale

A   93 and above                                C   73-76

A-   90-92                                            C- 70-72

B+ 87-89                                            D+ 67-69

B   83-86                                            D   63-66

B-   80-82                                            D- 60-62

C+ 77-79                                            F   59 and below



An incomplete will be given on an ad hoc basis. A student must be passing the course at the time the incomplete is requested in order for his/her request to be considered.



Throughout the semester announcements will be made in class, through the MyMathLab announcement page, and by ECU email. It is the student’s responsibility to check the announcement page on MyMathLab daily. Failure to check announcements on a daily basis is NOT an excuse for missing an assignment, rescheduling a test, or missing an opportunity to improve your course grade.



Technical Difficulties

East Carolina University and its faculty are not responsible for outcomes due to individual technical issues, nor scheduled MML downtime. You are responsible for resolving any personal technical issues that arise in the completion of your assignments. Please be aware of scheduled MML maintenance windows, and adjust your schedule accordingly.  If you need technical assistance, call MML student technical support at 1-800-677-6337.


Special Note

East Carolina University seeks to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations based on a disability must be registered with the

Department for Disability Support Services (located in Slay 138). The telephone number is




Starfish Retention SolutionsTM is an early alert and connection tool used by East Carolina University to support student academic success. Working thorough Blackboard, Starfish enables instructors to give praise or raise concerns regarding your academic performance within a course. Called “kudos” and “flags,” these notifications are sent to your ECU e-mail account and copied to your advisor.


Please note that not receiving a Starfish notification does not indicate good or poor academic performance. You should always speak with your instructors if you are unsure of your academic status on your course.


Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a fundamental value of higher education and East Carolina University; therefore, I will not tolerate acts of cheating, plagiarism, falsification or attempts to cheat plagiarize or falsify. Should I determine that an academic integrity violation has taken place, I reserve the right either to assign a grade penalty or to refer the case to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for an Academic Integrity Board hearing. I will assign a grade penalty up to an F for the assignment or course. Should it come to my attention that you have had a prior academic integrity violation, or if there are other aggravating circumstances, I will refer the case directly to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Should the Academic Integrity Board determine that you committed an academic integrity violation, you may be assigned a grade penalty and/or any other sanction allowed in the student Code of Conduct, up to and including suspension from the University. The Student Handbook is online at


Retention Requirements


GPA Hours at ECU (identified in Transcript in  Banner Self Service) plus transferred credit hours Retention Requirements Effective with Fall 2011  grades

GPA for all courses taken at ECU

1-29 semester hours 1.8
30-59 semester hours 1.9
60-74 semester hours 2.0
75 or more semester hours 2.0





University Closings

In the event of bad weather or other emergency, information about the status of classes at ECU is available on the ECU emergency information hotline (252.328.0062) and on the emergency alert website (