Testing Procedures

  • All tests and the final exam will be taken using MyMathLab in the Pirate CAVE.  It will be your responsibility to register for each one on MyMathLab.
  • There will be an announced time period for which each test will open and close for scheduling.  You will schedule your test by clicking on the “Schedule a Test” menu button in MyMathLab.  Once the scheduling time period has ended, there will not be any changes or additions to the test schedules.  Please make sure you have scheduled your test prior to the schedule closing date as you will receive a grade of 0% if you do not schedule your test.  Please note:  upon completion of a test scheduling process, a confirmation message containing the test date and time will appear on the screen, and a confirmation email will be sent to the email account you have indicated.  You should confirm that the reservation is complete by clicking on the “Check Reservation/Need Support?” link in the system.  You have not scheduled a test until you see this confirmation message!
  • You must score a 60.00% or higher on the appropriate practice test prior to your scheduled test time, failure to meet this requirement will result in a 0% for the test.
  • Please arrive at the CAVE at least 15 minutes before your scheduled testing appointment.  Items required for entry in the Pirate CAVE for testing are a test reservation appointment, your ECU OneCard, an 8.5″ x 11″ bluebook, a writing utensil and a non-graphing calculator. (Please remove the cover of your calculator before you arrive.) Please do not bring backpacks or other personal items into the testing area.  You will be assigned to a particular workstation.
  • If a student is caught with any unauthorized materials in the testing area (information written on oneself, the desktop, calculator, notes) or if the student accesses a cell phone or other electronic device, that student will receive a grade of 0% on the test and possible disciplinary actions.
  • Once a student is seated for a test/exam, he or she is not permitted to move from that location for the duration of the test/exam.  The test/exam must be submitted prior to leaving the CAVE.
  • If you miss a test, no makeup will be allowed and a grade of “0” will be recorded in the grade book – unless the absence is university excused (documentation must be provided).