Test Day Policies

1065 Test Day Policies

You will be held accountable for ALL policies stated below. 

  • I understand that no cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the CAVE on test days. If a CAVE employee sees or hears my cell phone, then I understand that I will receive a 0% for the test (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • I have removed the cover of my NON-graphing calculator. My NON-graphing calculator has been checked by a CAVE employee and the cover to my calculator has been put away.
  • All of my notes, books, and study aids have been put away out of sight.
  • A poker chip will be given to me with my assigned computer number and this is the computer I must sit at during my test.
  • I will clip my ECU 1Card to the monitor of my assigned computer.
  • I understand that once I enter the CAVE that NO talking is allowed.
  • If I am wearing a hat, then I understand I will either have to remove my hat or turn the bill around so that it is facing backwards.
  • I understand that I may not give nor receive help (from other students, from tutors, websites, ALEKS assignments, formula sheets, study aids, etc) while taking a test and that doing so will result in a 0% for my test grade. 
  • I understand that once I have started my test that I cannot leave the CAVE without first submitting my test

By entering the CAVE, I agree that I have read and understood ALL of the previous stated policies. I understand that if I do not follow any of the previous stated policies, then I will receive a 0% for my test grade.