Services for the Community

What is CounselingWhile our primary focus is to serve the student community at ECU, we also provide free clinical mental health counseling for adults, children and adolescents from the local community. Group counseling on a variety of topics is also offered periodically.

Youth experience challenges and problems, including stress from school, peer stress and/ or family struggles. These challenges may result in feelings of sadness, anxiety, and/ or fear. It can prove difficult for children and adolescents to understand and manage their emotions appropriately and for families to support their children through these challenges. Counselors can be mentors to help families and youth develop skills and knowledge to navigate life’s transitions and difficulties.

Counselors may also work with parents and guardians to help develop a home environment that fosters positive communication and interpersonal skills and enhances the school success of their children. Counseling services are free for all members of the community seeking counseling through the McClammy Counseling and Research Lab. Community members may self-refer or be referred to the lab by their child’s School Counselor.