Quotes from your colleagues and students –

…”using MediaSite is much easier than I first thought and using it in flipped classes facilitates student learning.”

I have found rewatching lectures is super helpful because I’m able to stop the recording and make sure my notes are thorough. I can also stop the lecture and refer to readings for anything I don’t understand or need further clarification.”

“Thank you.  I think this recording technique will be a wonderful method for improving dissertation defense process. I can imagine other applications as well. I appreciate your help integrating this technique into our doctoral training program.”

“Students are going to use last year’s lecture to review on their own and come to me with questions.  I have definitely become a huge fan and support of this technology.”

And “Wow, I am surprised, Jean. They watch these more than I realized. I am so glad I make them available!”

Lecture capture is a great way to give your students additional study aids, all recordings can be converted to podcasts or vodcasts for easy mobile listening.  Why not try it this semester?  Think about classes being cancelled as we head into winter months with weather related issues or flu outbreak.  If a class had been recorded previously content can be recycled if needed or you can record from your desk if you can’t get in.

To quote a recent article I read by Rob Lipps (CEO Mediasite https://www.ecampusnews.com/curriculum/campus-strong-video-culture-heres/ ) Student achievement and retention is strengthened with video, and you have a unified campus video library. Your institution is competitive with flexible programs that reach more students. I can give you lots of links to articles that explore the use of lecture capture and students but what I want to suggest is that why not try using this tool for your incoming students and build a catalog of content that then can be used throughout their study and perhaps for review when they are out doing clinicals.

Video and lecture recording has become almost essential in today’s teaching environment. ECU has options for faculty and staff to use Mediasite Classroom Lecture Recorders, Mediasite Desktop Recorder and Voice Thread.

Classroom lecture capture enables you to record or stream a class lecture live over the Internet through a secure interface viewable only by students registered for your course. Classroom lecture capture enables your distance education students to view the exact same lecture given to your face-to-face students either live or when it’s convenient to them. Classroom lecture capture can also be used to provide your face-to-face students access to each lecture given throughout the semester, which they can then review come exam time potentially improving student GPAs.

Students enjoy having access to recorded lectures and when surveyed, they ask for more classroom lecture capture usage campus wide.  Tips, links, downloads regarding these tools can be found at this site.  Please feel free to contact your ITC for more information.