Creating a Quiz

  1. Log in and Locate course:
  2. Within course “Turn Editing On” (located in top right hand corner)
  3. Under the Module of your choice, click the drop down pane “Add an Activity”
  4. Click on Quiz
  5. In Quiz Settings enter: Name, Description, Timings, ect.
  6. Click on “Save and Display
  7. This will bring you to the Question Bank.

Creating Questions:

  1. In the “Question Box” screen: On the right hand side you will see the options for creating different types of questions.
  2. Use the “Create New Question” drop-box to select which type of question to create.
  3. After Creating and Saving the new question,  the question will appear under the “Question Bank”

Adding Questions to a Quiz:

  1. In the Question Bank: On the right hand side to the right of “Category” select to which quiz you wish to add questions to.
  2. Next, use the “Check Box” next to each question you have created to select and choose which questions to apply to the quiz. (You can click on “Select All” at the bottom of the Question Bank box if you would like to select them all as well.)
  3. After selecting questions, click the “Add to Quiz” button
  4. You should now see the questions you selected appear on the left hand side under the headline: Questions In this Quiz.
  5. Click “Save Changes

**The tabs at the top on the Question Bank page will allow you to preview, edit, import, export, see the questions, and give info and results on the quiz.

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