Adding an Assignment

  1. Log into Moodle:
  2. Locate course to add an assignment to.
  3. Within course, “Turn Editing On” (Located in top right hand corner of the course)
  4. This will enable various symbols and drop down menus to appear.
  5. Under the Module you wish to add the assignment too, Click the “Add an Activity” drop down pane.
  6. Under the Add and Activity drop down menu, “Assignments” will be the first category.
  7. Click which assignment type you want you use.
  8. Fill out necessary information for Assignment Type. (Assignment Name, Description, Grade, ect.)
  9. Click “Save and return to Course” or “Save and Display” to save work.

**NOTES: We recommend for regular assignments that require uploads please use the “Advance Uploading of Files”. This will allow students to upload more than one file as well as delete files they have uploaded if needed.

**The question mark icons will better help to explain what each topic or various assignments will consist of, as well as how they can be used in the course.