Attaching an Assignment


**If a given assignment, forum, wiki, ect. Has the option of uploading an Assignment**

  1. Log into Moodle:
  2. Locate course to upload file for the attachment.
  3. Locate the activity you wish to attach the file to. (ex: assignment, forum, wiki)
  4. In the activity, locate the “upload box“.
  5. This box should have a “browse” or “upload” button to the right of the empty box, or below it.
  6. Click inside the white box, this should bring up a window in which your files on your computer are located.
  7. Within the window, locate file you wish to attach.
  8. Double click on the file you want to attach. (clicking “open” after selecting the file will work as well)
  9. Click “Upload this file” or “Upload” to upload and attach the file to the assignment.
  10. Make sure you completely allow the browser to load, and check to make sure your file has been uploaded.

*NOTE: “Send For Marking” – please note this is equivalent to Blackbaords “Digital Dropbox”. Once you send an assignment for marking it has then become finalized and you will not be able to upload or make changes after you have sent the assignment in.