Email Students (Teacher Side)

  1. Log in and Locate the course:
  2. In course click on “Participants” (normally located on the left hand side panel under “People“)
  3. This page should show you the participants within the course. (Note: If you have a relatively decent participants size, you may have more than one page of users.)
  4. On Participants page, select which users you wish to email using the “check-box” to the right of each users name. (Note: You may click the “show all” to view all users on one page, and click “select all” if you wish to select all the users at one time.)
  5. Next, use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page labeled “with selected users”
  6. Choose: Add/send message
  7. Enter message you wish to send.
  8. Next, click Preview
  9. Review your message, and click the button “Send Message” if ready to send.