How to Import a Quiz from Another Course?



  1. Log into Moodle:
  2. Locate course in which you would like to Import a quiz into.
  3. Within course locate the “Administration” panel located on either the right or left hand side of the page.
  4. Click on “Import
  5. The next page will give you a variety of options: [Courses I have taught: this will allow for you to use courses in which you have taught previously. Courses in the same category: this will allow you to choose from courses you are teaching in the same category (semester). Or you may search for the course using the 3rd option “search courses“.
  6. Once you have located the course in which you would like to Import a quiz from, select it.
  7. Click the “Use this course” button. (This only applies to the first 2 options. The third option will require first searching for the course, then follow step 8.)
  8. This page should consist of all the assignments, chats, forums, documents, ect. that is within that specific course.
  9. Next, locate the button “All/None” (located at the top next to the word: Include)
  10. Click “None” (This will un-check all the checked boxes to ensure that unnecessary files do not get imported.)
  11. Scroll/Locate the quiz in which to import.
  12. Click the check-box next to the quiz in which to import.
  13. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button “Continue
  14. This page should show the name of the quiz, number of files within the quiz, and the name of the course in which the file is being uploaded from. (Ex: “Import course data: Read 6404 Sec. 640 Fall 2010” followed by the quiz name, and included files.)
  15. Next, click the button “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  16. This will bring up a page that shows all of the files being imported. (If an error message displays, please retry importing it, or ask an Moodle Administrator for assistance.)
  17. If no error message displays, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  18. This will bring you to a new page. Click “Continue
  19. The next page may take a few moments to load, please allow for the page to finish loading before leaving this page.
  20. Scroll to the bottom and click “Continue

Note: Please make sure to check the quiz that has just been imported. This can be done by locating the “Activities” panel on the course homepage, and clicking “Quizzes”.