Moodle Password Policy


Moodle Users,

Please remember to change your Moodle password every 90 days for privacy and security reasons. Below are the East Carolina University Password Policies and the steps on how to change your Moodle password.

East Carolina University Password Policies

East Carolina University has adopted user password policies to help ensure the security and privacy of your ECU accounts.

The Password Expiration Policy was established on July 28, 1999. This policy requires:

– Users change their passphrase to ECU systems at least every 90 days.

The Minimum Passphrase Standard was implemented October 16, 2004.

– The passphrase must be at least 8 characters and includes letters, numbers and special characters.

– The passphrase may not contain your PirateID or any part of your name.

Adding these characters will help protect the data on your computer, e-mail, and the ECU network. Go to for examples.

Below are the steps on how to change your Moodle password.

1. To change your Moodle password, go to the following url: and type in your Moodle “Username” and “Password.

2. Then click the “Login” button.

3. In the top right corner of the window, click “your name.

4. You will then need to click the “Change Password” button below your “Profile” information.

5. Once you have clicked the “Change Password” button, you will then need to type in your “Current Password” in the text box and then type in your “New Password” in the New Password text box.

6. Then click the “Save Changes” button to save your new password.

If you have any trouble resetting your Moodle password, please let us know.

For Moodle Assistance Please Contact:

Matt Powell

Reggie McFadden

John Southworth