Recommended Quiz Settings



  • Set quiz times or use the “Disable” function to leave the quiz open for the duration of the course curriculum.
  • Enable or disable time limits and whether or not to have a delay between attempts.


  • Here you may choose the amount of questions that will appear on each page as well as if you would like to have the questions shuffled and answer choices shuffled within the questions as well.
  • To shuffle Questions: Click “Yes” on the drop-down
  • To Shuffle answer choices within the questions: Click on “yes” on the drop-down


  • Here you can select the number of attempts that can be allotted.
  • Adaptive Mode: This will allow students to make multiple responses to a question within the same attempt. For example: if the students response is incorrect the student will be allowed to try again. Each incorrect answer will be penalized and subtracted from the students overall score on completion of the test/quiz.  The amount of the penalty is set by using the “Penalty Factor”
  • Penalty Factor: ranges between 0-1. A penalty factor of “0” will allow students to make as many attempts as he or she likes until t he correct answer is found. A penalty factor of “1” means that the students must get the correct answer on the first try. For example you may use a penalty factor of “0.25” in order to take off .25 for each incorrect response.


  • Grading Method: Recommended set to “Highest Grade” unless using a different grading rubric.
  • Apply Penalties: Recommended set to “Yes”
  • Decimal Digits: Default to “2” decimal places

Review Options:

  • In this section of setting up the quiz it may depend on the quiz/test type in which you are administering. You have three different feedback categories to choose from:
  • Immediately After the Attempt: this will give feedback/responses after student answers a question whether incorrect or correct. Check or uncheck items as needed.
  • Later, While quiz is till open: This will give feedback while the quiz is still available to the class (individual students). Meaning that students will be able to see their feedback/scores/answers while the quiz is still available for taking by other students that may or may have not already taken the quiz. For example: If you have allotted a time-frame in which the quiz can be taken Feb 1 – Feb 3. Anytime between those dates students will be able to receive feedback/scores/answers if you have selected those items from the checklist.
  • After Quiz is Closed: Provide feedback/scores/answers after the close date of the quiz.


  • Here you are able to set up a password for taking the quiz. By Default there is not a password set.

Common Module Settings:

  • Recommended to leave at default.
  • If groups have been set up, you can select which groups to show a particular quiz to without showing the quiz to the rest of the course participants.

Overall Feedback:

  • Here you can input feedback based on percentages from results.

Always remember to click “Save” before exiting the screen.

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