Pre-service Teachers Design and Run Event at Science Olympiad

preservice Science OlympiadFebruary 15, 2014, ECU Elementary Science Concentration pre-service teachers assisted in the Experimental Design event for Science Olympiad at East Carolina University.  This event included 7 stations that engaged middle and high school students in STEM thinking.  The stations were developed in the fall semester  by pre-service teachers in an informal science course, and carried out by pre-service teachers enrolled in science methods, earth science, and/or life science courses in the concentration.  Pre-service teachers monitored students working at each station and as the students rotated amongst stations.  After the middle school and high school event, pre-service teachers developed a system of scoring student work.  The entire process from start to finish was a success.  The stations developed for the Experimental Design event have been recognized state wide and utilized at other Science Olympiad competitions.  This was a remarkable learning experience for pre-service teachers who were both the event developers and the volunteer workers at the competition.

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