A simple and thorough review of peritoneal dialysis for the practicing internist. ************************************** Estimated Time to View: 40-50 minutes Title: Peritoneal Dialysis for the Internist Author: Hsiao Lai, MD Author Type: Faculty Citation: Nephrology On-Demand 2013, Volume 4, Number 5 Disclaimers: None Resource Type: Video Recommend to a Colleague/Friend: Roll Over Review this teaching resource: […]

15th International Conference on Dialysis sponsored by the Renal Research Institute from Rio Grande, Puerto Rico Table of Contents The MONitoring Dialysis Outcomes (MONDO) initiative Nutritional Resilience – A Novel Concept Ports for Vascular Access in Dialysis Extracorporeal Method to Reduce Inflammation in Acute Sepsis HIF-1 Stabilizer Drugs for the Treatment of Anemia Remote Ischemic […]

A historical perspective of how the “bundle” has come into existence and where dialysis payments will head in the future.

As the incident and prevalent dialysis population ages, healthcare providers must be attuned to end-of-life issues, particularly nephrology trainees. This presentation outlines fundamental areas of palliative care and provides a basis from which additional study can ensue.

Recommendations about antibiotic prophylaxis in dialysis patients undergoing dental procedures by the American Dental Association (ADA).

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