A comprehensive review of hypertensive trials leading up to the development of the JNC 8 Criteria for management of hypertension. ************************************** Estimated Time to View: 50 minutes Title: Getting Ready for JNC 8: Review of Antecedent Hypertension Trials Author: James Powell, MD Author Type: Faculty Citation: Nephrology On-Demand 2013, Volume 4, Number 6 Disclaimers: None […]

Ten (10) ABIM-exam-related multiple choice questions on hypertension. Each question is followed by a detailed explanation of the correct and incorrect answer choices.

Blog from the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Cardiovascular Disease Meeting Beyond Cholesterol: Role of Omega-3 Fatty acids in etiology of Coronary Heart Disease Lecturer: Daan Kromhout, MD (Wageneengen University, The Netherlands) Blogger: Hsiao Lai, MD (East Carolina University – Brody School of Medicine) [Critique this blog] Reviewed several studies: “7 Countries Study – n=500” […]

Blog from the 2011 Keynote address of the 25th Annual Internal Medicine Research Day.

A look at intense blood pressure control to slow the progression of kidney disease in children.

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