A re-visit of the literature exploring the use of THAM in the treatment of metabolic acidosis. ************************************** Estimated Time to View: 30 minutes Title: THAM in the management of metabolic acidosis Author: Nirav Jasani, MD Author Type: Fellow Citation: Nephrology On-Demand 2012, Volume 3, Number 13 Disclaimers: None Resource Type: Video Recommend to a Colleague/Friend: […]

Nineteen (19) ABIM-exam-related multiple choice questions on hyponatremia. Each question is followed by a detailed explanation of the correct and incorrect answer choices.

This extensive presentation highlights the use of common buffer solutions in patients suffering from anion-gap metabolic acidoses. It highlights the evidence that supports a detrimental effect on intracellular pH when giving buffers to correct arterial pH.

A detailed look at hypo- and hyper-natremic states through simple mathematical principles and equations. Ideal for any healthcare provider who wants a more detailed understanding of sodium and water balance through mathematics.

A quick review of the types and mechanisms of the renal tubular acidoses.

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