Guest Lecture Series by Dr. Andrew Shaw of Duke University on January 16, 2013. [Critique this blog] [Return to NOD Blogs] Dr. Shaw begins his talk with a brief history of the dilemma surrounding the optimal fluid resuscitation strategy. Since 1832 (eighteen thirty two) physicians have been struggling with the type and amount of fluid […]

A review of FGF-23 and its promise as an early detector of bone mineral disease in ESRD patients. ************************************** Estimated Time to View: 20 minutes Title: Bone Minderal Disease and FGF-23 Author: Satcha Borgella, MD Author Type: Fellow Citation: Nephrology On-Demand 2012, Volume 3, Number 24 Disclaimers: None Resource Type: Video Recommend to a Colleague/Friend: […]

An in-depth analysis of two common and overlapping conditions, with special emphasis on new therapies.

A look at MMF versus AZA for the maintenance of lupus nephritis; the follow-up study to the ALMS I Trial.

An interesting investigation that assesses the beneficial effects of high-dose atorvastatin in preventing contrast-induced nephropathy in patients receiving non-urgent cardiac catheterization.

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