This conference is planned for the nephrologists and other ESRD caregivers of Eastern North Carolina, who, in collaboration with the ECU Transplant Team, strive to assure the health and well-being of the region’s renal transplant patients. The ECU/PCMH transplant program has markedly increased the number of surgeons and support staff. A lecture will be given on the plans for expansion and future of the transplant program. With the advent of more generic immunosuppressant medications, a lecture and discussion will address how the changes will impact the care of patients. A panel discussion will focus on the impact on foundation on the donor and family, how patients view receiving a transplant, and their experience while on the transplant waiting list***. The guest speaker, Dr. Mark Hardy, from Columbia University, will address historic aspects of transplantation and how that impacts our present care of patients.

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As a result of viewing the virtual conference, physicians should be able to:

1. identify new generic immunosuppressant medications and how they will change care

2. discuss the future of the ECU Transplantation Program

3. determine the impact of donation on the donor and family

4. review the history of transplantation and its impact on present care

Conference Agenda

2010 Transplantation Updates
Presented by Carl Haisch, MD

Conversion of Stable Renal Allograft Recipients to a Bioequivalent Cyclosporine Formulation
Presented by Susan Edwards, PharmD

History of Transplantation
Presented by Mark Hardy, MD

The Future of Transplantation at East Carolina University
Presented by Robert Harland, MD

***Online material for the panel discussion will not be made available to Nephrology On-Demand users.



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