Help and Troubleshooting

I can’t see the in-depth navigation bar at the bottom of my screen
Nephrology On-Demand’s interactive navigation bar is correctly viewed using any one of the following browsers:
1. Internet Explorer version 8
2. Google Chrome (any version)
3. Mozilla Firefox (any version)
4. Apple Safari version 4 or higher

If you do not have access to one of the above browsers, you can still navigate the website by using Nephrology On-Demand Mobile. Click here to learn how.

I cannot see or post comments
Only registered users can see and post comments/questions. Registration is free and can be done by clicking here. Accounts are activated within 2-4 business days.

I do not have a pirate ID
Pirate ID’s are issued by Nephrology On-Demand and the East Carolina University IT Department. To obtain a pirate ID, please complete the Registration form by clicking here.

How do I change my password?
Password resets can be done by you. Visit the password reset page to change your password.

I lost my pirateID and/or password
Lost pirateID’s (a.k.a. usernames) and/or passwords require you to email a picture ID (driver’s license, student or faculty ID, gym ID, etc.) to the East Carolina Information Technology Helpdesk. To maintain the security of our users, Nephrology On-Demand does not store pirateID’s or passwords.

I have submitted a comment but I do not see it on the page
All comments are screened for educational value. Comments are approved if they help move the discussion along, even if they contradict the teaching resource. Comments are usually approved the same business day that they are submitted.

Can I search for teaching resources by author, venue, target audience, etc.?
Nephrology On-Demand allows you to search teaching resources by author, date, venue (e.g., KBR, Journal Club, etc.), and target audience (NP, PA, Medical Students, etc.). Type any search term in the Search Box and you’re ready to learn!

I only see 5 teaching resources on the page. Are there any more?
At the bottom of each page you will see the phrase keep looking. Clicking that link will turn the page to a new set of teaching resources in that category.

Once I have found a teaching resource page, how do I actually view that resource?
Teaching resources can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Text: Click on the Citation link
  • Slides: Click on the arrows to move through the presentation. Don’t forget to click Full View to see the presentation clearly.
  • Audio and Video: Click on the link to play the corresponding file. You will not need additional software to enjoy these teaching resources

Why are there miniature pictures of figures and graphs?
These pictures are present for 2 reasons:
1) they allow you to quickly obtain data — very useful when you’re on the wards or in the clinic/office
2) you can use the pictures to create slides for your presentations

Are my evaluations and votes anonymous?

Some teaching resources require a password. What is the password?
Only ECU/PCMH staff have access to these teaching resources. You should have received a password with your account information. If you have misplaced it, please click here to request the password.

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