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Every day health-care providers and patients are witnesses to incredible stories of courage, resilience, and humor. These stories shape our lives, our interactions with each other, and how we view kidney diseases. They are an integral part of us and should not be forgotten or dismissed.

To that end, Nephrology On-Demand is providing a forum to share those stories. How has kidney disease affected you? How do you balance the rigors of Nephrology practice with your personal obligations? What did you feel when you’re loved one was diagnosed with a kidney disease? Did you hear something funny from your patient or physician? What’s it like living with or working for a Nephrologist or a patient with kidney disease? Why are things in Nephrology the way they are?

All of these stories capture the intricate and intertwined relations that we have with each other and with our afflictions. Consider Perspectives in Nephrology as a blank digital canvas that will capture these stories/moments for all to share.

This portion of Nephrology On-Demand is open to everyone — yes that means you! Everyone is included. Write about your views, vantage points, conundrums, comical moments, etc. The topics are wide open. No scientific references are required. Narrative, poems, artwork, jokes, riddles… .all are welcome. Care to be anonymous — not a problem. There are no page limits.

You keep the copyrights and we’ll provide the forum.

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