Transparent Peer Review

Nephrology On-Demand puts the power of peer review in your hands! We believe that the most accurate reviews comes from a large number of online students, rather than a very small number of “expert” reviewers. You decide the quality of the teaching resources in Nephrology On-Demand with our 6-point Transparent Peer Review system.

Our 6-point system is based on a scale of 1 to 10 stars (10 being excellent, 1 being sub-standard). When reviewing a teaching resource, try to answer the following questions:

1. Is the information reliable?
2. Is the information error-free?
3. Are the sources cited?

1. Is the teaching resource dated?
2. Can you determine the date of the last revision/update?

1. Does the teaching resource show a minimum of bias?
2. Is their advertising on the page?
3. Is there an author disclaimer?

1. Is the author name and rank known?
2. Is the sponsor name known?

1. How in-depth is the material?
2. Is the breadth and depth of the material appropriate for the target audience?

Design and Presentation:
1. Is the resource readable?
2. Is navigating the resource intuitive and easy?
3. Is the use of multimedia appropriate? Does the multimedia help convey educational information?

Remember that at Nephrology On-Demand, all users can review our teaching resources. From medical students to LPN’s, physicians to patients, Transparent Peer Review gives you the power to objectively review any teaching resource.

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