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2010 Peritoneal Dialysis Academy Seminars — BLOG NOW AVAILABLE

Join physician-blogger Dr. Sarath Kolluru at the 2010 Peritoneal Dialysis Academy in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Kolluru has blogged the highlights of this 3-day seminar, including new scientific data regarding all aspects of peritoneal dialysis.

A must-read blog for anyone interested in learning more about PD but unable to attend the seminars. Find his blog by clicking here

Dr. Kolluru will be available to answer your questions online.

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Renal Biopsy Conference — SEPTEMBER 28

Join the ECU Divisions of Nephrology and Hypertension, Pathology, and Transplantation and Immunology for its monthly Renal Pathology Conference. This month’s topic is:

ANCA-associated crescentic glomerulonephritis

Pre-requisite teaching material is now available by clicking here.

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  • 1. The acronym for the complication in preeclampsia with a 10-25% incidence
  • 2. Complications from preeclampsia can occur up to 2 months (8 weeks) post-partum
  • 3. A negative risk factor for the development of preeclampsia (i.e., the presence of it *decreases* the risk for preeclampsia)
  • 4. Increased filtration and reabsorption of this leads to edema in pregnancy
  • 5. Relaxation of the calcyes leads to this ultrasonographic finding in pregnancy
  • 6. Many studies have looked at this divalent cation to prevent preeclampsia but the final conclusion is that it does not
  • 7. This feature of proteinuria does not correlate with the severity of preeclampsia
  • 8. This increases by 150% in pregnancy (___-___)
  • 9. Normal amounts of this are considered to occur at levels of 300 mg/d or less
  • 10. This procedure restores fertility in patients suffering from advanced kidney disease
  • 11. 7-20% is the worldwide incidence of this condition


  • 12. This type of hypertension is diagnosed before 20-weeks gestational age
  • 13. This is the only proven treatment for the HELLP syndrome
  • 14. This immunosuppressive agent, which interrupts rapid cell growth, is contraindicated in pregnancy (Trade Name)
  • 15. This type of hypertension is diagnosed after 20-weeks gestational age
  • 16. Blood pressures of < 120 / < 80 are considered _____ in pregnancy
  • 17. The higher this is at conception, the greater the risk of fetal loss
  • 18. This condition is found in 12-22% of all pregnancies
  • 19. The fundamental abnormality that is thought to be the root cause of preeclampsia
  • 20. Although both blood volume and red blood cell mass increase in pregnancy, the former increases more than the latter, which leads to this

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Abstract Submissions — UPDATED SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

Keep your eyes on Nephrology On-Demand for more information on the following meetings:

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare — Abstract Deadline September 24, 2010
NKF Spring Clinical Meeting 2011 — Abstract Deadline December 3, 2010
North American Society for Dialysis and Transplantation 2010 — Abstract Deadline May 28, 2010
Southern Society for Clinical Investigation 2011 — Abstract deadline expected to be October 2010
ACP Medical Student Abstract Competition 2011 — deadline expected to be early-December 2010
ACP Resident and Fellows Abstract Competition 2011 — expected deadline not yet announced; check back in August 2010 for more information
ISN Abstract Competition 2011 — expected deadline not yet announced
American Transplant Congress 2011 — expected to be open in September 2010
International Society of Blood Purification — Abstract Deadline July August 30, 2010
Evidence 2010 — Abstract Deadline August 6, 2010
American Federation of Medical Research: Southern Regional Meetings — Abstract Deadline October 15, 2010
American Federation of Medical Research: Western Regional Meetings — Abstract Deadline October 1, 2010

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