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Nephrology On-Demand Mobile highlighted at the 2010 Teaching with Technology Showcase

Nephrology On-Demand’s Editor-in-Chief Tejas Desai, MD speaks at the 2010 Teaching with Technology Showcase about Nephrology On-Demand Mobile. View the interview below and click here for a 5-minute tutorial on how Nephrology On-Demand Mobile can be used at the point-of-care.


The Internists Guide To… — NOW CATEGORIZED

Nephrology On-Demand has categorized all resources aimed specifically for primary care providers and general internists. Appropriately named The Internists Guide To…, resources in this category provide succinct and useful information for healthcare providers that see patients with kidney diseases.

You can access all the resources in the The Internists Guide To… category by clicking on “Select a Category” in the blue menu bar at the bottom of your screen.

2010 Recent Advances in Internal Medicine — NOW AVAILABLE

Join physician-blogger Dr. Cynthia Christiano as she blogs about the nephrology-specific talks at the 2010 East Carolina University Recent Advances in Internal Medicine Conference.

Her blog is available by clicking here.

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Puzzle of the Week Approach to Chronic Kidney Disease

This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and a reasonably recent web browser, such as Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari. If you have disabled web page scripting, please re-enable it and refresh the page. If this web page is saved to your computer, you may need to click the yellow Information Bar at the top of the page to allow the puzzle to load.



  • 1. Compared to caucasians, this ethnic group has a 3.9x greater relative risk of developing kidney disease (USRDS 2003) (____-___)
  • 2. The following are ___ factors for CKD: diabetes mellitus, hypertension, family history of CKD, and ethnicity status (African-American, American Indian, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander)
  • 3. Rates of hospitalizations, cardiovascular events, and death from any cause are all increased in patients with eGFR's less than this (NEJM 2004, 351:1296)
  • 4. Aside from eGFR, this is an independent predictor of mortality, risk of myocardial infarction, and progression of kidney failure (JAMA 2010)
  • 5. Calcium carbonate, calcium acetate, sevelamer, and lanthanum carbonate are all considered phosphate _____
  • 6. Higher baseline levels of this anion is associated with greater likelihood of all-cause mortality in both normal and kidney diseased patients (Circulation 2005, Volume 112, p. 2627)
  • 7. Supplementation with this has been shown to improve nutritional parameters and increase time-to-dialysis in patients with chronic kidney disease (JASN 2009, Volume 20, p. 2075)
  • 8. This gene, located on chromosome 22, has been associated with increased susceptibility to FSGS and HIVAN in African-Americans (Science 2010)
  • 9. The percentage of medicare spending on both CKD and ESRD (_____-___)


  • 10. Although uncommonly performed, this procedure should be undertaken in patients with kidney failure who have fractures with minimal trauma, intact PTH of 100-500 pg/ml and with co-existing conditions such as unexplained hypercalcemia, severe bone pain, or increases in bone alkaline phosphatase activity (___-___)
  • 11. A CKD diagnosis is made when there is evidence of kidney damage (either pathologically or via markers of kidney damage) for greater than or equal to ____ months (American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2003, Volume 42, pp. 51)
  • 12. According to the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 7.8% of the US population suffers from this disease (___-___) (American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2004, Volume 43, pp. s16-41)
  • 13. Acronym of the trial that showed, in African-Americans, that intensive BP control slows the progression of kidney disease, but primarily in patients with a urine protein-creatinine ratio of 0.22 or greater (NEJM 2010)
  • 14. The increase in cardiovascular mortality in patients with elevated baseline phosphate is thought to be mediated through this process (_______-________) (Peritoneal Dialysis International 2001, Volume 21, pp. s241)
  • 15. Calcitriol, paracalcitol, and doxercalciferol are all considered vitamin D _________
  • 16. From 1966-2002, this subspeciality of internal medicine had 2,779 randomized clinical trials -- the least number of RCT's of all the subspecialities
  • 17. Name of the president who made ESRD the only healthcare condition covered by Medicare for people under the age of 65
  • 18. The USRDS 2007 Atlas shows that diabetes accounts for 36.9% of all causes of ESRD, hypertension 24.2%, and glomerulonephritis only 16.2%
  • 19. The USRDS 2006 Annual Report shows that the expected remaining years of a patient aged 60-64 is about four times LESS if he/she has ESRD than age-matched controls

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Abstract Submissions — UPDATED NOVEMBER 7, 2010

Keep your eyes on Nephrology On-Demand for more information on the following meetings:

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2011 — Abstract Deadline September 24, 2010
NKF Spring Clinical Meeting 2011 — Abstract Deadline December 3, 2010
North American Society for Dialysis and Transplantation 2010 — Abstract Deadline May 28, 2010
Southern Society for Clinical Investigation 2011 – Young Investigators Forum (YIF) — Abstract deadline October 18, 2010
ACP Medical Student Abstract Competition 2011 — December 1, 2010
ACP Resident and Fellows Abstract Competition 2011 — expected deadline not yet announced; check back in August October 2010 for more information
ISN Abstract Competition 2011 — expected deadline not yet announced
American Transplant Congress 2011 — Abstract Deadline December 3, 2010
International Society of Blood Purification — Abstract Deadline July August 30, 2010
Evidence 2010 — Abstract Deadline August 6, 2010
American Federation of Medical Research: Southern Regional Meetings 2011 — Abstract Deadline October 15, 2010
American Federation of Medical Research: Western Regional Meetings 2011 — Abstract Deadline October 1, 2010
American Society of Hypertension 2011 — Abstract Deadline December 6, 2010
International CRRT Meeting 2011 — Abstract Deadline December 3, 2010

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