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Comparing two models that reduce the number of nephrology fellowship positions in the United States. PeerJ 2015. Volume 2, Number e720.
(article) (comments) (peer reviews)

Factors that contribute to social media influence within an
Internal Medicine Twitter learning community
. F1000Research 2014. Volume 3, Number 120, pp. 1-7. (article)

The East Carolina University Internal Medicine iOS App

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Alternative ideas to increase the percentage of filled seats in nephrology fellowships. F1000Research 2014. Volume 3, Number 3, pp. 1-3.
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The Nephrology On-Demand iOS App [click_here]
**Version 1 rejected by the App Store in early 2011; no peer review available

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Is content really king? An objective analysis of the public’s response to medical videos on YouTube. PLoS One 2013. Volume 8, Number 12, pp. 1-6.
(article) (tweets) (peer reviews)

Using Social Media to Create a Professional Network
Between Physician-Trainees and the American Society
of Nephrology
. Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease 2013. Volume 20, Number 4. pp. 357-363 (article) (peer reviews)

Twitter use as a platform for rapid dissemination of informative content from DDW is increasing.
Presented at the Digestive Diseases Week 2013 Conference (Orlando, FL) (poster)

140 Characters Can Accomplish A Lot: How Twitter and Social Media can help Internal Medicine Programs Educate, Recruit and Promote Inter-Resident Collegiality.
Presented at the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) 2013 Meetings (Orlando, FL) (presentation) (peer reviews)

Introducing the global medical community to the information presented at local scientific conferences through nephrology blogs. F1000 Research 2012. Volume 1, Number 66. doi:10.3410/f1000research.1-66.v1
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Tweeting the Meeting: An In-Depth Analysis of Twitter Activity at Kidney Week 2011. PLoS One 2012. Volume 7, Number 7: e40253. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0040253
(article) (tweets) ( Article) (peer reviews)

The New World of Medical Tweeting. ASN Kidney News 2012. Volume 4, Number 5, p. 8. (article)

Nephrology On-Demand is listed by Webicina as a favorite clinical teaching website.

Nephrology On-Demand is endorsed by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) as a high-quality teaching website.

Assessing a nephrology-focused YouTube channel’s potential to educate health care providers. Journal of Nephrology. 2012. ePublished 3/28/12.
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Predicting the Number of US Medical Graduates Entering Adult Nephrology Fellowships Using Search Term Analysis. American Journal of Kidney Diseases. 2012. Vol. 59, pp. 467-9.
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Web-based Nephropathology Teaching Modules and User Satisfaction: The Nephrology On-Demand Experience. Renal Failure. 2011. Vol. 4, No. 10, p. 1046-1048. (PubMed) (peer reviews)

Learning Nephrology Through Mobile Devices:
The Nephrology On-Demand Mobile Experience
. Medicine 2.0 at Stanford University. 2011 September, p. 11. (article)

Nephrology “e”Learning made “e”asier. The Open Urology & Nephrology Journal. 2011, Vol. 4, pp. 12-15 (article) (peer reviews)

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Nephrology On-Demand has committed to the Budapest Open Access Initiative

Understanding the mobile internet to develop the next generation of online medical teaching tools. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association ePub 9 June 2011 (article) (peer reviews)

Blogging has global appeal amongst Nephrology On-Demand users. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2011, Volume 57, p. A36. (abstract)

Learning Nephrology through mobile devices: The Nephrology On-Demand Mobile Experience. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2011, Volume 57, p. A36. (abstract)

The Internet’s impact on the renal community. Nephrology News and Issues. 2011, Volume 25, Number 2, p. 13. (article)

Nephrology On-Demand is listed with the Library of Congress. Our ISSN number is 2155-9813. (LOC Catalog Record)

Health on Net (HON) Certification received 12/21/10 (more information)

eHealthcare Strategy and Trends: Internet Management, Marketing, Analysis and Intelligence 2010, Volume 12, p. 12.

Winner of the 2010 eHealthcare Leadership Awards Honored at Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas– Silver Medal for the Best Site Design of a Physician- and Clinician-Focused website.

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Online blogging during conferences: an innovative way of e-learning. Kidney International 2010, Volume 78, 1199–1201 (article)

Nephrology fellows show consistent use of and improved knowledge from a nephrologist-programmed teaching instrument. Journal of Nephrology 2011, Volume 24, No. 3, pp. 345-50. (article)

***Note: This manuscript details the precursor website to Nephrology On-Demand

Nephrology On-Demand Mobile. Abstract presented at the 2010 Teaching with Technology Showcase.

Nephrology On-Demand an Easy and Quick Resource for Nephrology Learning. ASN Kidney News 2010, Volume 2, No. 6, p. 11 (article)

Patients, Doctors Embrace the Web. Renal and Urology News November 2009 (article)

Measuring Student Interaction with an Online Teaching Resource will lead to the Development of an Improved Teaching Instrument. Abstract presented at the North American Society of Dialysis and Transplantation July 2010

Web Site Helps Nephrologists Organize Clinical Content. Renal Business Today. ePublished 5/19/10 (article)

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