Internal Medicine Grand Rounds


March 4 — Hypothyroidism — Controversies in Treatment
Mohammad Shakir, MD [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

February 14 — The Evolution of Technology in Resident Medical Education
Manish Patwardhan, MD & Hunter Coore, MD [Mobile] [App]
[Storify] [Profile]

January 31 — Advances in HIV
Nada Fadul, MD [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

January 24 — Advanced Cardiac Imaging — What the Internist Should Know
Joseph Pensabene, MD [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

January 17 — Lung Cancer Screening — Now is the time
Mark Bowling, MD [Mobile] [App] [Storify] [Profile]

January 10 — Inpatient Management of Patients with Diabetes and Hyperglycemia: 2014
Robert Tanenberg, MD [Mobile] [App] [Storify] [Profile]


December 13 — Say, Say, Say, Say it with Love!!! Talking with our patients about death and dying
Dean Patton, MD [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

October 25 — The Skinny on Fats: Diabetes and CVD Risk
Robert Tanenberg, MD [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

September 13 — Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes
Assad Movahed, MD [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

May 17 — Rheumatic Diseases – Do’s and Don’ts
Edward Treadwell, MD [Transcript] [Profile]

May 3 — Bariatric Osteomalacia
Fiona Cook, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

April 19 — Aspirin and Cancer
Raid Aljumaily, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

April 12 — Getting Ready for JNC VIII
James Powell, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

March 1 — Feedback in Medical Education
Maria Clay, PhD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

February 22 — Steroid Therapy & Hyperglycemia in the Hospitalized Patient
Mary Korytkowski, MD [Transcript] [Profile]

February 15 — New Updates in Interventional Cardiology
Ramesh Daggubati, MD [Transcript] [Profile]

February 1 — Infections & Infirmities of War
Joseph John, MD [Transcript] [Profile]

January 25 — Peritoneal Dialysis for the Internist
Hsiao Lai, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

January 18 — Drug Eruptions — Update
Charles Phillips, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

January 11 — New Goals and Therapeutic Options for Type 2 Diabetes
Robert Tanenberg, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Profile]

January 3 — Colorectal Cancer Screening
Pamela Lepera, MD [Transcript] [Speaker Profile]


December 7 — Perioperative Nutritional Intervention in Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery
Juan Ochoa, MD [Transcript] [Speaker Profile]

November 30 — Intestinal Failure: Salvaging the Remnant Bowel
Laura Matarese, PhD [Transcript] [Speaker Profile]

November 9 — Multinodular Goiter
Almond Drake, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Speaker Profile]

November 2 — Pleural Space and Diseases
Sharon Ben-Or, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Speaker Profile]

October 12 — HIV Prevention: Updates in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Yvonne Carter, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App] [Speaker Profile]

September 28 — Topics in Neurocritical Care
L. Keith Scott, MD [Transcript] [Speaker Profile] [Per Speaker request Video is Unavailable]

September 21 — Managing Depression in Primary Care: A Pragmatic Review of the Evidence
Michael Lang, MD [Transcript] [Mobile] [App]

June 1 — Deep Vein Thrombosis
Michael McNally, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

April 27 — Metabolic Surgery
John Pender, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

April 13 — The Role of Nutrition in Critically Ill and Surgical Patients
Refaat Hegazi, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

March 23 — Surgical Treatment of Migraine: A new approach to an old problem
Enam Haque, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

March 16 — Common Infections in the Elderly
Muhammad Salman Ashraf, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

March 2 — Screening for Lung Cancer: Is it Ready for Prime Time?
Raid Aljumaily, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

February 24 — Glucose-Lipid Metabolic Interactions: Implications for Weight Control & Niacin Therapy
John Guyton, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

February 17 — Role of non-Nephrology physicians in the care of patients with advanced renal failure
J. Michael Lazarus, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

February 3 — COPD: Preventable and Treatable
Mark Jacob, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

January 27 — 2011 ACGME Duty Hours Standards: How they impact us as faculty and trainees
Darla Liles, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

January 21 — Cost Effective Options in the Treatment of Insomnia: A presentation from NC-ACCEPT Consortium
Michael Lang, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App] [Handout]

January 6 — The Role of the environment in the spread of healthcare associated infections
Keith Ramsey, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]


December 9 — New and Coming Dermatologic Therapies
Charles Phillips, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

December 2 — Malaria and Sickle Cell Disease: Evolutionary links between Pathophysiology and Treatment
Adam Asch, MD [Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

October 21 — Occupational Skin Disorders
William Burke, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

May 27 — Cutaneous Manifestations of Internal Diseases — W. Harris Green, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

May 20 — Sarcoidosis — Isham Huizar, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

May 13 — There is no gene for good teaching — Kimberly Schenarts, PhD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

April 29 — Bipolar Disorder in the Primary Care Setting — Michael Coyle, MD and Michael Lang, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

April 15 — Occupational Lung Disease: The Roles of the Doctor, Patient, and Legal System — Robert Shaw, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

April 1 — HIV in Eastern North Carolina — Yvonne Carter, MD MPH
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

March 25 — Hepatocellular Carcinoma — Mark Marilley, MD
[Desktop] [Mobile] [App]

March 18 — Clinical-Pathological Conference: A 46-year-old male with chest pain and shortness of breath

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