Archive: April 12 – 18, 2011


  1. Nephrology On-Demand will provide highlights from the 2011 NKF Spring Clinical Meetings
    Starting April 27, Nephrology On-Demand will provide detailed highlights of selected sessions at the NKF in Las Vegas, NV. Further details will be available as the date approaches.


  1. Cystatin C as a predictor of dialysis need
    Learn the prognostic ability of serum cystatin C in determining the need for dialysis or the outcome of death in acute renal failure patients. [click here]

  2. Abstracts for the Special Interest Group in Healthcare Transition
    Submitted abstracts, including contact information for the lead authors, are available for your review. [click here]

  3. Internal Medicine Grand Rounds — New Presentations available
    Three (3) new Grand Rounds presentations are available in HD video and audio, for both desktop and mobile use. [click here]

  4. ECU Transplantation Symposium
    Blog of the ECU Transplantation Symposium, including the Keynote address by Dr. A. Osama Gaber. [click here]


  1. 2011 Q1 data
    Now available in our dynamic menu bar (left-side of your screen).

  2. Updated calendar events on April 7, 2011
    Automatically keep track of scientific meetings with our Calendar RSS feed.


    None for this issue.