Archive: April 26 – May 3, 2011


  1. Nephrology On-Demand will provide highlights from the 2011 NKF Spring Clinical Meetings
    Highlights will be available on NOD Twitter and NOD Blogs.
  2. Nephrology On-Demand will present at the Medicine 2.0 at Stanford University
    More information to follow


  1. Role of High Blood Pressure in the Epidemiology and Prevention of CVD
    Blog of Dr. David Goff’s 2011 Keynote Address at the 25th Annual East Carolina University Internal Medicine Research Day [click here]
  2. Paraproteins and the Kidney
    A fundamental review of the common paraproteinemic disorders with renal involvement. Special attention is made to the prognostic indicators of survival in multiple myeloma patients. [click here]
  3. Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Occupational Lung Disease [click here]
  4. Pancreas transplantation in the treatment of diabetes
    Join Dr. Robert Harland, Chief of Transplantation and Immunology at East Carolina University, as he guides the nephrologist and internist through the benefits of pancreas transplantation as a cure for type I and II diabetes mellitus. [click here]
  5. Henoch-Schonlein Nephritis and treatment with Cyclosporin A
    The use of an old medication (cyclosporin A) to treat a relatively rare disease, this journal club walks the user through data behind the efficacy of cyclosporin A in HSP nephritis as well as provides the historical background about therapies used in prior years. [click here]


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