Archive: August 10 – 18, 2011


  1. Nephrology On-Demand mentioned in a peer-reviewed publication

    NOD has been mentioned in its 8th publication, The Open Urology and Nephrology Journal. [click here]

  2. NOD Blogs need your input

    NOD Blogs are now open access and need your input. We want to know what you think and how we can improve NOD Blogs for your learning. Use the link provided to complete a 1-minute survey. [click here for survey]

  3. NOD now viewed by users in over 140 countries

    NOD is now viewed by users in over 140 nations. Users of all training levels use NOD to learn about nephrology and hypertension. These include:

    • Fellows (Adult and Pediatric): 15%
    • Faculty (Adult and Pediatric): 14%
    • Private practice nephrologists: 12%
    • Medical students: 12%
    • Patients: 8%
    • Pharmacists: 6%
    • Nurses: 6%

    **Note: Data from 2/1/10 – 7/20/11
    Thanks for making Nephrology On-Demand a part of your educational experience!


  1. Insights learned from the CKiD study

    A review by Dr. Hidalgo (an investigator in the CKiD study) that highlights significant differences in chronic kidney disease epidemiology in children versus adults. [click here]

  2. Classification and Treatment of Lupus Nephritis – 2011 Review

    Dr. Reginald Obi reviews the historical changes to the classification of lupus nephritis (from WHO to the latest ISN/RPS system) as well as the latest therapeutic interventions for each new stage of lupus nephritis. [click here]

  3. NOD Histopathology updated

    Three (3) new histopathologic diagnoses (Alport’s disease, Lupus nephritis x 2) with explanations of key histopathologic findings and diagnoses. [click here]

  4. Bardoxolone in CKD patients — The BEAM Trial

    A phase 2 clinical investigation to determine the effects of the anti-oxidant bardoxolone on GFR in diabetic chronic kidney disease patients. [click here]

  5. 2011 Guest Lecture Series: Fistula First: Do all comers qualify?

    An evidence-based look at whether the Fistula First initiative is the best modality for all ESRD patients. [Click here]


  1. NOD updates Transparent Peer Review system

    Our Transparent Peer Review module, now found on every independent teaching resource, has been upgraded and ready for use. Anonymously share your thoughts about the 1) accuracy, 2) currency, 3) objectivity, 4) authorship, 5) content, and 6) design and presentation of any resource. Read the reviews that other NOD users have given.

  2. Google +1 rating system installed

    Google’s +1 rating system is now ready for use. If you like a page on NOD, +1 it by using the module at the bottom of your screen

  3. NOD makes search smarter

    Spend less time searching and more time learning with NOD’s Smart Search. Now active at the top-left of your screen.

  4. 10-minute Rounds — Release date set for December 2011 – January 2012

    Sign up with NOD and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when 10-minute Rounds is ready for all users. [sign up]

  5. NOD Calendars now updated

    New calendar entries have been added. NOD Calendars offers you an easy way of organizing dates of important scientific meetings. [click here]


  1. Acute Renal Failure
    [puzzle] [teaching resource]

  • Nephrology On-Demand Plus

    Our full-featured iOS app for the iPhone and iPad. NOD + integrates
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    2. training, and
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  • Kidney Konnection

    A newsletter that discusses sophisticated topics in Nephrology for physicians in Internal Medicine.
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