Archive: May 20 – 31, 2012


  1. Webicina endorses Nephrology On-Demand

    NOD is pleased to accept the endorsement of Webicina as a favorite clinical teaching site.

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  2. The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) endorses Nephrology On-Demand

    NOD is pleased to accept the endorsement of the ISN as a key teaching resource for nephrology providers of all levels.

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  3. Nephrology On-Demand has a new URL

    In keeping with our mission of bringing you quality teaching material, free of charge/advertisements/sponsorships/funding, we announce our new URL

    While you can still reach us through our original URL, emphasizes our mission to serve your educational needs.



  1. 2012 National Kidney Foundation Meetings — Blogs

    The 2012 NKF Spring Clinical Meetings are now complete. If you missed the conference or would like to experience a refresher, we’ve provided a selection of blogs and tweets for your review.
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  2. THAM in the management of metabolic acidosis

    A re-visit of the literature exploring the use of THAM in the treatment of metabolic acidosis [click here]
    [click here for a review of additional buffers used in metabolic acidoses
    [click here to test your knowledge of buffers used in metabolic acidoses]

  3. Introduction to Bio-Statistics

    A short introduction to biostatistics for the novice physician-researcher. Focus is on types of variables, concepts of normality, independence, and homogeneity, as well as the most commonly used statistical tools used to analyze each type of data.
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  4. Post-transplant antibodies as a marker for rejection

    An analysis of the utility of using post-transplant antibodies to screen for allograft rejection.
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    None for this issue.


  1. Treatment of hypercalcemia of malignancy

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  • Nephrology On-Demand Plus

    Our full-featured iOS app for the iPhone and iPad. NOD + integrates
    1. kidney education,
    2. training, and
    3. recruitment

    into a streamlined and user-friendly interface.


  • Kidney Konnection

    A newsletter that discusses sophisticated topics in Nephrology for physicians in Internal Medicine.
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