Archive: December 17 – 31, 2012


  1. Nephrology On-Demand publishes data on NOD Blogs

    The editors of Nephrology On-Demand are proud to have published their latest manuscript on NOD Blogs.

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  2. Nephrology On-Demand has a new URL

    In keeping with our mission of bringing you quality teaching material, free of charge/advertisements/sponsorships/funding, we announce our new URL

    While you can still reach us through our original URL, emphasizes our mission to serve your educational needs.



  1. Internists Guide to Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

    A review of a very common inherited disorder including reference to potential new therapies.
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  2. Guest Lecture Series: Fluid Overload in the Septic Patient and Beyond

  3. Recap of Kidney Week 2012

    A look back at Kidney Week 2012 with 24 informative blog reports.

  4. Kidney Transplantation in 2012

    A look at Kidney Transplantation in 2012 including a historical perspective and future trends by Dr. Robert Stratta of Wake Forest University
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    None for this issue


  1. New Question on Discussion Board: AKI in a renal transplant recipient

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  2. Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Multinodular Goiter

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  • Nephrology On-Demand Plus

    Our full-featured iOS app for the iPhone and iPad. NOD + integrates
    1. kidney education,
    2. training, and
    3. recruitment

    into a streamlined and user-friendly interface.


  • Kidney Konnection

    A newsletter that discusses sophisticated topics in Nephrology for physicians in Internal Medicine.
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